The dangers of shopping in a wheelchair

Who knew? 

Emma and I were wheeling around the mall today with a BRASSIERE hanging off the wheel lock which we had unknowingly shoplifted! Yes, people.  A BRA.  That we had shoplifted!  I have no idea how we got out of the store with it unnoticed, because you really couldn’t miss it if you were to look at the chair head on. But when we decided to take a bathroom break and I was in the necessary position sitting directly across from Emma, I looked over at her and THERE it was…a bra. Hanging off the side of the chair. I hadn’t noticed any of the stares as we strolled toward the restroom because people always stare at us now. And you KNOW they had to be staring extra hard…and not at Emma’s big old purple cast this time.


We had rolled to the other end of the mall with it hanging off of there! Big old white bra.  I did get hung up in the lingerie section in that department store. I guess I can understand now why we were stuck on that round of over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders.


Once we got over the shock of being unsuspecting criminals, we could not stop laughing. I am sure the folks in the bathroom were curious about what was happening in the handicap stall, because we were cracking up!  Too bad I didn’t lift one that was actually my size. Oh well.

You will be glad to know that we were able to return said shoplifted item to its rightful place without incident.



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3 responses to “The dangers of shopping in a wheelchair

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  2. BUAHAHAHAHAHA!! Indeed.

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