School’s out for summer…what now?

I’ve been wanting to write something hilarious for a while.  Just feels like I’m having a lack of hilarity lately.  The funny kinda gets sucked out of you a little bit when you are  so consumed with only doing the very next thing you have to do.  Whatever is right in front of you at that moment. And when I’m not doing something and I sit down for a bit, I find myself going all comatose.  Eyelids unbearably heavy.  Head falling forward.  Zzzzzzz. Yeah, that’s my life. Don’t get me wrong, we do have moments of funny, but mostly we have moments of crazy, busy, and sleepy. 

Great news, though.  Emma has had her last day of 7th grade.  Her last day of going to school in a wheelchair.  She does not like being in the spotlight and being the girl in the wheelchair with the giant purple cast, well, makes you kinda stick out a little bit. She is glad that school is out.  On the other hand, that means boring days at home.  No swimming at the pool.  No playing at the beach.  I need to get on the stick and figure out some broken leg friendly activities now. 

Unfortunately for Jacob, school isn’t quite through for him.  The whole broken-leg-Emma-is-the-center-of-the-universe thing put a dent in finishing up some of Jacob’s schoolwork.  I figure we have another week and a half or so of Geometry and English to get through.  Everything else is done. It is hard to make Jacob do school when Emma isn’t.  Oh well.  It’s gotta get done.

I realize I basically skipped over our whole trip to Disney with Emma’s school. Way back in August 2010 when school started, plans were begun for the school trip to Disneyworld.  Emma is an art student at her school (an arts based public school) and part of the Disney trip was to incorporate a visit to the Disney animation studios to see the animators and learn some techniques.  Two weeks before the trip was scheduled to happen, Emma broke her leg.  Bummer.

We weren’t sure how it was all going to happen, but Emma’s art teacher from last year, Mrs. S, was determined to make it happen.  She got on the phone with the travel agency.  Moved a mountain in order for me to go on the trip, as I had not previously been scheduled to go.  Worked out plans for having a student in a wheelchair attend the animation workshop.  All I had to do was cough up the moola to pay for my trip and make arrangements for Jacob while I would be gone. There were a lot of unknowns going into this.  How would Emma get on and off the bus? How could we get her leg properly elevated once we got her on the bus? How would we do in the parks?  Would there be anything fun she could do?  Would her friends really want to wander around with wheelchair girl?? 

Disney (Mom's camera) 031Things have a wonderful way of working out. Our bus driver literally picked Emma up and put her on and off the bus. We couldn’t really elevate her leg like I wanted to, and the toes on her broken leg looked like big fat sausage links, but we decided we would just suffer through and behave once we got back home. The Disney parks are very handicap friendly and we got to go to the front of the lines with our party in tow.  She was a little annoyed that I wouldn’t let her ride the roller coasters, but come on!  Her friends were amazing.  They all took turns pushing her around and worked so hard to make sure she felt included.  They hardly wanted to leave her.  They were so concerned about her and that was so heartwarming to see. Things work out.  Our Lord cares about the girl with the broken leg at Disneyworld and He worked all the details out.  I am so thankful.

And now we get on with the business of summer.  I love summer because I have my kids with me.  I realize now more than ever that in just a few short years my babies will be grown and having their own lives.  I try to cherish every bit of time I have with them living under our roof. <sniff sniff> Well enough of that.

Happy Summer!



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2 responses to “School’s out for summer…what now?

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  2. Mike

    They make a cast protector that will allow her to swim.

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