About the Red Van

Back in 2000, after we had acquired a second child and a dog, we found ourselves in need of a larger vehicle.  We found Big Red and loved her very well, until 2008, when she died a sad, slow, painful death.  It was 2006 when I started a little blog called Red Van Ramblings over at the now defunct Windows Spaces.  After we got a new vehicle in 2008 (which I have been unable to give a good name, as of yet), I couldn’t bear to change the name of the blog–you know, out of respect. 😉  When I decided to move to WordPress, I worked very hard to find a new blog name.  Oh, I brainstormed hundreds (okay, like 30) different names and I tried to be cute and come up with something snazzy, but nothing was the same.  Somehow, Ford Edge Ramblings just didn’t seem to work.  So even though it doesn’t appear to make sense anymore, Red Van Ramblings still remains.

In memory of Big Red 2000-2008.

4 responses to “About the Red Van

  1. what about “life in the edge” (as opposed to “on the edge”)? Although I like red van ramblings 🙂

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