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What are the odds?

A funny thing happened on the way to the fair.


I mean, really.  It was just unbelievable.  But wait, I’m getting ahead of myself.

Imagine this.  We are pulling into the Coastal Carolina Fair this past Saturday evening for a little fun and funnel cake when, lo and behold, I look at the car that has just merged in front of us.  I nostalgically say, “Oh look y’all, there’s a car just like Big Red right in front of us.  <pause>  WAIT that IS Big Red!!”


You may be asking, “Oh come on, how do you KNOW that was Big Red??”

Look closely, in the circle.  Note the “ding” I have so kindly pointed out for you.  I’ll give you a sec to look it over.

You see it now, don’t you?  Yeah well, I know it was Big Red, because I personally inflicted that ding upon her one time when I backed into a low brick wall while trying to escape from the very small, very crowded Tae Kwon Do school parking lot about 2 1/2 years ago when we lived in Iowa.

We could not believe it.  But it was her.  We had put her in our not-so-distant memory.  We never thought we’d see her again…especially driving down the road somewhere!!

Not only was she driving in front of us, but she was then parked BESIDE us, thanks to those handy parking attendants!


It was all we could do to restrain ourselves from asking the people as they got out, “How’s that dash board working for ya??”  Though Hubby did manage to stalkingly walk around their vehicle and ask them (even though I asked him NOT to), “Where did y’all get that van?  We used to have one just like it.”  (Knowing all along it was our van, but didn’t really want to admit it just in case it was turning out badly for them, ya know.)  They said they had gotten it from a dealer in Hollywood (South Carolina, silly, not California).  Here’s my guess…the folks we traded to knew they couldn’t put it on their lot and so they sold it wholesale at auction where some small town dealer took it, fixed it (for, I am sure, much less than the $1000 quote we got)–at least, I hope they fixed it–and sold it on his lot to some poor unsuspecting persons who had very little to spend.  All conjecture, of course.  But you can see what I’m saying.

So we go into the fair.  All of us were just cracking up.  When it came time to leave, we hoped Big Red would still be parked there so we could take come pictures…I knew y’all would want to see.  (Y’all didn’t seriously think I had taken these while the folks were still standing there did you??  I’m crazy, but not THAT crazy.  Well, that could be debatable, but we won’t get into that here and now.  Anyway…)

We had our fun and funnel cake (and candy apples and french fries), saw the sights (and there were MANY), but when it was all said and done, we decided the most fun part of the fair was seeing Big Red again.  Hands down.  I mean, what were the odds, really?


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Drum roll, please…

I would like you all to say hello to “The Edge”.


He is a Ford Edge and it made me think of U2 and Bono and “The Edge” guitarist guy, and therefore, he must be a male.  We threw around a few other possible name choices (which I won’t mention here), but this just clicked.   Maybe it’s a bit “Captain Obvious”, but as my friend Lisa reminded me, Big Red was no stroke of creative genius either.  <gasp> So there.  I don’t know why I am compelled to name my cars, but I just am.  All my cars have had names.  There was “Jetta”, “323”, “The Ru” and then of course, “Big Red” (may she rest in peace).  Surely I am not the only one who has such a compulsion??

As you can clearly see, he is not red.  Sadly.  He is more of a metallic pewter/silvery/gray/ color.  What can I say?  We were in a pinch.  You can see Big Red in the background.  Doesn’t she seem perfectly unaware that she is being replaced?  Pretty pitiful really.  I guess senility has really kicked in big time.

Though we are currently suffering from sticker shock–we haven’t had a car payment in 3 years–we are liking our new ride.  He has a roomy seating area and though we have sacrificed the third row, which we never used anyway, we still have enough cargo room in the back.  The first road trip will be the true test of that theory, however.

I am trying to remember if I’ve ever felt so nauseous during a car purchase.  It is incredibly stressful.  I thought Clyn was going to projectile yak right there across the table onto our salesman once we started throwing numbers around.  Then I started feeling green around the gills myself.  I mean, you test drive the car, you love the car, then you go haggle about the price of the car and then quickly, you slide down the slippery slope of wondering if you are doing the right thing.  Now that it is all said and done, I believe we have.  It drives great.  And when I turn the key, I know it is going to crank and that right there is priceless, y’all! 

Saturday evening, as we were driving The Edge home for the first time, Jacob says, “Mom, what are you going to write about on your blog now?”  Emma says, “ME!”  Ha!  That gave me a big ole chuckle.  But seriously, I am hoping that this will be the last car related blog I write for a long, and I do mean a LONG, time.  Big Red gave me lots of angsty blog fodder and I suppose now I will find my fodder elsewhere.  Blog fodder is easily found, if you are looking for it.

A HUGE SHOUT OUT to my sweet friend Torri who has spent a good bit of time recently shuttling me around on Big Red-related errands. It is MUCH appreciated. She did her last deed today as I took Big Red to her final resting place at my local Ford dealer.  Love ya, girl!

As we drove out of the parking lot, I looked over at Big Red one last time.  I bid her a fond farewell and thanked her for her service.  There were more good times than bad.  I had a fleeting second of nostalgia and then I said to Torri, “I feel like I should be sad, but I’m really not.”  And I’m really not.  I’ll tell you when I WILL be sad…on the 15th of next month when that first payment is due.  Of course now we’re paying for peace of mind and not to hold the pieces of our sad little car together.  There is a big difference.

My blog will still remain Red Van Ramblings, as an homage to Big Red.  Sort of an “in memoriam” kind of deal, I suppose.  Frankly, I like the name and “The Edge Ramblings” doesn’t really work for me.  Plus, I think it’s kind of carved in “spaces” stone.

So, as we say our final goodbye to Big Red, I thought it would be best done with a song.

Here’s to you, girl.

Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye – Steam


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“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.”  ~William Arthur Ward


Hanna ended up being a lot of rain and not much more.  I am very thankful.  It rained torrentially from about 6:30 PM Friday evening until, well, until well after I was asleep Friday night.  Saturday proved to be a gorgeous day.  It was bizarre, as if nothing had ever happened.  So, thanks for all the well wishes!  It warms a girl’s heart to know you care.

I see that Ike is headed toward southern Florida and then on into the Gulf…perhaps up toward New Orleans.  Hope it changes its mind and heads out to sea somewhere.  Those folks have certainly endured their share.

In other non-storm-related news, Hubby and I have come to the (shocking!) conclusion that we must begin to look at purchasing another family vehicle.  I know, you are all saying “it’s about time!”  The latest development with Big Red is something electrical and now the interior lights, radio, blinkers, speedometer, odometer, gas gauge, and more, are all non-functional.  Could be just a fuse, but nevertheless, I can’t very well drive around not knowing how fast I’m going or how much fuel I have.  SIGH.  I’m off to Dr. Gene’s tomorrow to see if that can be remedied with minimal financial drainage–to keep us going long enough to find new transportation.  OY.  The thought of a car payment makes me want to vomit, but then again, so does the astronomical amount of cash that we have spent on Big Red over the last year.  Either way–if we have a car payment or if we pay monthly maintenance on a sick car….it’s money going out.  I’d rather we put out money every month on something I know is going to be reliable.  Won’t y’all be glad when you don’t have to hear about my car woes anymore??  I’ll be glad to not tell you, trust me.  I am just thankful that getting a new (or new to us) car is a possibility.

Just seems like there isn’t anything too interesting happening these days.  I’ll take that as a good thing.  A seemingly boring life is definitely something to be thankful for.


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