It started when I was a kid in elementary school and we would have to do those poetry units and we would assemble poetry books. I fell in love with poems by Langston Hughes and Shel Silverstein and Emily Dickinson and Robert Frost. As I got a little older, I wrote down the poems I liked, and a few I had written myself, in a bound journal my mom gave me. I continued writing poetry through my angsty teen years and then life moved on and I just didn’t take the time to write poetry, though I continued to keep a journal on and off over the years.

Several years ago, my son and I were doing a poetry unit for school, I felt inspired to write some poetry again. Every once in a while I write something and publish it here on the blog…hope you enjoy!

Ode to Cake

She is…

Silent Celebration

Mental Chase

Wash Over Me

Fly, Sweet Girl

Great Blue Heron

The Tyranny of the Urgent


© Joell Morris and Red Van Ramblings, 2006 – 2020. All rights reserved.

I always love hearing from you! :-)

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