Freaky Friday

I’ve been thinking about what I want to say about what has been happening around my casa the last few days.  And I have wanted to post something to keep my vast readership apprised of the state of our union…or disunion, that is…of Emma’s bones.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that Emma broke her left leg a month ago and you’ve read about our cast adventures and our shoplifting adventures. 

Last Friday, when we went in to visit our orthopedist for another set of x-rays and a new cast, we got a bit of a surprise. That is a gross understatement.  We got a huge shock.  Emma’s bones had not only shifted and angulated and shortened somehow, but they had also not healed. At all. Now, I learned a long time ago that, in general, asking “why?” in these kinds of situations gets you nowhere, so I did not immediately go to “now, why and how did that happen?”.  I did immediately go to “crap, crap, crap” and “this really, really, sucks” and “this is not what was supposed to be on the x-rays”, though.  The doc and I were looking at the x-rays in another room away from Emma, so when I started feeling my heart race and a little light-headed, I told the doc I needed to sit down and then I lost my mind. I was truly blown away by the news. Had myself a little breakdown right there in front of the doc and told him I needed a minute to collect myself.  All the while, feeling terrible because we had left Emma alone in the cast room. 

Let me also say here, that last Friday, the same day of Emma’s appointment, was also the day that her best friend moved to Texas. She was already feeling sad about that and was teary on the way to the doctor.  Once I collected myself, we went back to the cast room to share with Emma what was about to happen.  We’ve called it a poopy double whammy. Needless to say, she was a sad, sad, girl.  Which made me a sad, sad mama.  Oh, how it hurts to see your babies hurting.

God is funny.  Y’all ever heard the saying, tell God your plans and then listen to Him laugh?  Well, I thought I had been asking God to show us some beautiful straight bones on those x-rays.  And truly believing that was what we would see. Perhaps I had been telling Him to get in line with my plans. And it looks like all the while, God had other plans. And because I trust God, I trust that His plans are always better.

So, tomorrow, Thursday, my baby girl is having surgery to repair her bones. And so we press on.  Because this is what is. 

Then we look for the good news. 

The good news is that once the bones are plated and screwed, they will be fixed.  And once they are fixed, Emma will not need a long leg cast anymore.  They will fit her with some sort of short leg splint.  A short leg splint will greatly improve her mobility, which is a big plus. It took us a bit, but we have come to a place of acceptance that this is the best fix for Emma’s leg.  She is naturally anxious, but doing okay. And I am learning (re-learning over and over) that I am a control freak and that I, in my own strength and power, have no control at all in this situation.  My kids are not mine after all. 

It will be hard for her to start over with the pain and with the healing time. But, we won’t be worried about bones healing badly.  It is going to be okay.  God is good, always. Even when the unexpected happens.


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9 responses to “Freaky Friday

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  2. I love your writing- thanks for sharing. How did surgery go? Praying for Emma!!!

    • Surgery went well, Sarah. She is recovering and we are trying to stay ahead of the pain, thanks to some wonderful medicine! God is good and we are relieved to have the surgery behind us. Praying for you guys!

  3. Lisa

    Wish you lived next door so we could have a glass of wine together. There’s nothing better than a little wine and prayers. 🙂
    We are thinking of Emma and your entire family as you move into this next part of your leg adventure. This too will pass…famous words from a now so famous Iowa neighbor! Love and miss you!–Lisa and family

    • Thanks so much Lisa!! Could really use a little wine on the party porch, girl! Thanks for the prayers and good thoughts and love!! We feel it! Love to you and the rest of the fam! Miss you guys! ♥

  4. Control is really just an illusion, isn’t it? I’m sorry that this has happened to Emma, but it really is a good thing that it happened now and you can get it taken care of. I broke my ankle when I was fourteen and four years later x-rays revealed that running track was essentially re-breaking it. It hadn’t healed entirely the first time. So, I had to give up track and if I were to pursue running or similar in the future, I’d probably end up breaking my ankle again. Gosh, that’s a lot of babble, but I’m just trying to say that better caught now than later.

    • I hate that for you about your injury!! Dang it! But I totally agree with you, Katy! Better that they fix it now. And though in her eyes, it is a bummer summer, it is better that this isn’t during school. All she has to think about is healing, not missing schoolwork and getting behind. There are so many blessings for sure. Sooo many things I am thankful for. We have learned so much about gratitude in all of this, girl!!

      Praying for you as you ride out the rest of your pregnancy and for a safe delivery to two beautiful babies!!

  5. Oh, man! Poor little Emma. That really was the worst day ever, wasn’t it? Well I guess things have nowhere to go but up after tomorrow. I pray that Emma has an easy time through surgery, a speedy recovery period, and much strength and patience for her momma. Keep us posted!

    • Tough day, yes. She is talking to her BFF on the phone right now, the one who moved to Texas, and she is so happy. She is a very resilient girl and I know she is going to be okay! Thank you so much for the prayers and encouragement!! Will keep y’all posted.

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