Getting Fit Fridays {vol. 8}–Yawn.

Whining ahead.

You have been warned.

TRUTH: I woke up tired this morning. Not just tired—sleepy. My knees are achy. My feet hurt. My shoulders are sore. And I am feeling over-extended in most areas of my life. Oh yeah, AND I want to eat a lot of stuff that I do not need to be eating. I did not want to go work out this morning. I was dragging.

But I went anyway…after popping a couple of ibuprofen, that is.

I am thinking that I need to take me some stock out in a certain name-brand manufacturer of said ibuprofen.

Mia Hamm QuoteSo, I went to my exercise class today, feeling tired, but glad to go. After all, it is Friday, which in and of itself is most deserving of the Friday Dance. Music has a way of bringing me out of a funk. After Celebration by Kool and the Gang and Hit Me With Your Best Shot by Pat Benetar, I was feeling the moves and feeling a little more perky. Hashtag-doingitanyway.

So, we are in week 8 of this thing. This is the point in time where the novelty of “heck yeah, I’m doing this thing!” begins to wear off. The proverbial honeymoon is over and you must fight, fight, fight the urge to give in to whatever tiredness, overwhelmed-ness or “man, I just want to eat that”-ness that punches you in the face when you get out of bed each day.

Here is where I find myself.

REALITY: This is no short term deal. No matter what the numbers show—or don’t show—I must keep on keeping on. This is for the long haul, if what I am really shooting for is health and fitness and not just some temporary phase I am going through. And regardless of how I am feeling at the moment, I must not let my emotions get the better of me. I have to dig down deep and overrule my innate desire to do just enough to get by.

When I am at the end of my own strength, I have to look to the true source of strength. The Lord God. My creator. The designer of this body I live in. The One who says to me, “do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” (Isaiah 41:10 NIV)

And so I press on!

Getting Fit Fridays appears weekly here at Red Van Ramblings to chronicle my fitness journey and more importantly, to increase my accountability. Do you need to get back on the wagon? Do you need some help and encouragement? Join with me, if you’d like. We can do it—together.


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4 responses to “Getting Fit Fridays {vol. 8}–Yawn.

  1. Amen! I admire your 8 weeks girl. I’m on week three and haven’t done more than a couple days exercise it the process. I’m scared that it’ll make me want to eat too much. But I have some new sneakers coming on Tuesday. I hope that will motivate it.

  2. *edit: trying NOT to go down the path of chocolate and sugar 🙂

  3. girl you are doing great! you are right – depending on the true source of your strength – but I hear you! Just on the tired and wanting to eat everything in sight part (I guess that’s the whole thing…) Wanted to just encourage you in a few ways though all the same – with things that help me in my times of weakness….you are so right about the music – one of the only things that gets me off my butt when I’m feeling tired – even to just do housework, and of course even more to work out. I have been tired a LOT lately from all the extra nursing. The other things that help me get moving are treats for myself of some sort – telling myself if I get up I can make some iced tea and it will get me going or that if I finally become vertical I get to eat something because I’m starving but just too tired to want to get up – ha! 🙂 But then I want chocolate, and we know I’m trying to go down the path of chocolate and sugar because in the end those things just make me crash. So the only way I can stick to eating healthy (for me, I need to be on the health wagon all the time because of the demands nursing along with my love of running put on my body, and because I’m frequently pregnant – heehee – I can’t just go along drinking coffee, eating chocolate, eating junk all day because I can’t function that way.) is to have a house full of mostly healthy food. Then when I want to eat – there’s virtually nothing I can just “grab.” The only things that are instant in my fridge for me or for the kids are the occasionally healthy cheese sticks (hormone-free mozzarella string cheese) and bags of carrots -peeled or unpeeled. There’s no “juice” in there, or any caloric drinks for that matter. The only thing semi-sweet is out healthy “juice” supplement with our vitamins and nutrients for the day which is sweetened mostly with stevia. So if I want a yummy drink – I have to make it myself on the spot. And what is there to make? Pretty much just the iced tea, sweetened, unsweetened, herbal, rooibos, black, green, whatever, depending on the time of day. The only things to “snack on” in the cupboards or on the counters are fresh fruit, peanut butter, and tupperwares full of nuts or dried fruits. Occasionally I’ve got some pirate bootie (a healthier cheeto-type thing) for the kids. John likes real Oreos, so sometimes those are in the house, but knowing they’re “his” keeps me from breaking into them. When we’re fully stocked we’ll have some Kashi crackers on hand, maybe a bit of hummus or guac in the fridge, but for the most part, if I want to eat something, I have to make it. Which leads me to the point – if I have to go to the trouble to whip something up, it may as well be a salad with nuts and fruit on it. If it HAS to be sweet then I’ll whip up something simple with coconut oil, cocoa powder, and various sweeteners like Agave or a bit of stevia to cut the sugar. Either way, having plenty of healthy ingredients on hand and virtually nothing “ready” helps me and the kids eat better snacks and treats. Basically, I let myself eat when I’m hungry, and I even graze if I’m near the kitchen and I know I’m just eating because I’m bored – but it’s almost always something really nutritious (I mean – if I’m mindlessly eating carrots – how many am I really going to consume? I get tired of them before eating more than 3-4). SO that’s my encouraging advice for the day for eating – fill your kitchen with stuff that’s good for you, and then you can eat pretty much guilt-free 🙂

  4. hiddenbeloved

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