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Getting Fit Fridays {vol. 8}–Yawn.

Whining ahead.

You have been warned.

TRUTH: I woke up tired this morning. Not just tired—sleepy. My knees are achy. My feet hurt. My shoulders are sore. And I am feeling over-extended in most areas of my life. Oh yeah, AND I want to eat a lot of stuff that I do not need to be eating. I did not want to go work out this morning. I was dragging.

But I went anyway…after popping a couple of ibuprofen, that is.

I am thinking that I need to take me some stock out in a certain name-brand manufacturer of said ibuprofen.

Mia Hamm QuoteSo, I went to my exercise class today, feeling tired, but glad to go. After all, it is Friday, which in and of itself is most deserving of the Friday Dance. Music has a way of bringing me out of a funk. After Celebration by Kool and the Gang and Hit Me With Your Best Shot by Pat Benetar, I was feeling the moves and feeling a little more perky. Hashtag-doingitanyway.

So, we are in week 8 of this thing. This is the point in time where the novelty of “heck yeah, I’m doing this thing!” begins to wear off. The proverbial honeymoon is over and you must fight, fight, fight the urge to give in to whatever tiredness, overwhelmed-ness or “man, I just want to eat that”-ness that punches you in the face when you get out of bed each day.

Here is where I find myself.

REALITY: This is no short term deal. No matter what the numbers show—or don’t show—I must keep on keeping on. This is for the long haul, if what I am really shooting for is health and fitness and not just some temporary phase I am going through. And regardless of how I am feeling at the moment, I must not let my emotions get the better of me. I have to dig down deep and overrule my innate desire to do just enough to get by.

When I am at the end of my own strength, I have to look to the true source of strength. The Lord God. My creator. The designer of this body I live in. The One who says to me, “do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” (Isaiah 41:10 NIV)

And so I press on!

Getting Fit Fridays appears weekly here at Red Van Ramblings to chronicle my fitness journey and more importantly, to increase my accountability. Do you need to get back on the wagon? Do you need some help and encouragement? Join with me, if you’d like. We can do it—together.


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30 Days of Thankfulness-Day 18

It’s Friday! Woot! Woot!

  • I am so thankful that it is Friday.

I don’t know about y’all, but around my casa, we do celebrate the end of the week. Time was, when Jacob was in public school, I would wake him up on Friday mornings by singing the Friday song (Rebecca Black has nothing on me) and doing the Friday dance. We over-emphasized the Happy Day because Jacob hated school so very much. It was my way of saying, “Yay, you made it through another week. Congrats.”

We still enjoy Friday around here, but we don’t necessarily feel the need to sing and dance about it in order to overcompensate for our dislike for the rest of the week.  In fact, we like the rest of the week just fine now, thank ya verra muuch.

  • I am thankful for my son, the rescuer of lizards.

So I’m in the kitchen, right? There are various dishes on the counter that I am fixin’ to load into the dishwasher. I lift up a bowl and BAM! there is one of these guys looking up at me:

Green Anole Lizard

Now, I have had experiences with lizards before. And I see them around my house all the time…only on the OUTSIDE. But I am not going to lie, I screamed out like I was being punked on that show Scare Tactics! Or like when I rode that hang glider ride at the fair a couple of weeks ago. 

It looks like this: Except when I rode it, I looked like this (yellow shirt guy):Why? Because I do not like rides that leave the ground. But because I love my children and wanted to show them how awesome and brave I am, I rode that thing.  And after Jacob and the Hubby begged me to open my eyes (while we were at the highest point), I did. And then proceeded to SCREAM out!  Loud. It was sad.  I was the only person screaming on this nice gentle ride.

But back to the lizard:

Shocked the heck outta me, it did! Here at my house, we subscribe to the Two Cup Capture and Release method. Frankly, today I just wasn’t up to it. So, who you gonna call? Jacob, that’s who.  That’s right.  Jacob comes in there, grabs a couple of plastic cups, scoops up our friend and sends him on his merry way. I am sure he was as glad to get out of here as we were glad for him to be gone!

So, here’s to Friday. And Lizards. And Scary Fair Rides. I am thankful for them all.


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Dr. Carter, I presume



Is anyone else happy to see John Carter, MD back at County General??  Yes, ER is still on the air, people!  Man.

I was one of those people who said they’d stop watching ER after they killed off Dr. Greene with his brain tumor…”You set the tone, Carter…” *sniff sniff*  (To this day, I can’t hear that ukulele version of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” and not think of Dr. Greene and his last moments in Hawaii with Dr. Corday, Rachel and Ella by his side.)  But I still came back.  And then when Dr. Carter had the nerve to decide he needed to go gallivanting off in Africa (How dare he??!)…”You set the tone, Morris…” well, then I swore it off permanently.  But for some reason, I’ve never been able to free myself from my ER need.  And so, since that first show in 1994, I’ve stuck by my show.  Sometimes it’s been like watching a train wreck.  Some seasons have been really just plain bad, but yet, I kept watching.  Now, I am down to my last few episodes EVER and if they kill my Carter, well…It would just be wrong and I don’t know what I’d do!  The better find my Carter a kidney, that’s all I’m sayin’.

Emma started softball this week.  It’s something she’s never tried before, but I’m glad she was willing to give it a go.  It looks like it will be fun, but also a bit of a “time sucker”.

Unbelievably, Jacob has had minimal homework this week, so the stress in our home has been reduced to a very tolerable level.  The “question of the week” comes from Jacob…”What does http stand for?”…What??…

That’s not something I’ve ever thought about personally…but since Google is my friend, we looked it up for him.  I mean, what kid out there is asking their mother this kind of question?  I expect questions like, what is for dinner, or why do I have to do my homework, or what is puberty, but computer information questions, not so much.  But because I love my kid and I enjoy indulging his need to ask questions, I find the answers!

HAPPY FRIDAY! And we all know what that means….It’s TIME for the FRIDAY DANCE!!  And just so all my friends can participate in the weekly ritual I like to call “the Friday dance”, I have included a sample. This is only half the dance though, the Friday dance is really more of a cross between the cabbage patch and the running man.  No, don’t try to get a visual.  Just do it.  You’ll feel like a total dork, but I promise you will laugh and who doesn’t need to do that????


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