Sharing the OBX love.


Emma catching a wave.What a week we’ve had here in the OBX!

The kids have enjoyed their cousins. They’ve learned how to surf and gotten some nuggets of truth from God’s word. We’ve met some great new friends. Watched dolphins and dive-bombing pelicans. Eaten some tasty Fro Yo. (Thanks, Surfin’ Spoon!) And the weather? Amazing, thank you very much!

We have also been exhausted, had a case of swimmer’s ear, minor surfing scrapes, rashes, wipe outs and a bruised heel. And that is just my two kids.

But hey, what are ya gonna do? Surfing is an extreme sport, after all.

No matter! Nothing could put a damper on the week—you keep pressing on in spite of injury and constant wipe outs.

I have witnessed generosity and been the recipient of incredible hospitality. My heart was full as I watched kids cheer each other on. Seeing the kids so stoked when they finally stood up on the board was and incredible. To see the great joy it gave Noah and the camp staff when kids were able to catch a wave and ride it, was priceless. What a great bunch of people. It has been awesome. A blessing. Not only for my kids, but also for me.

Can’t wait for next year!

The cousins with pro surfer Noah Snyder


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2 responses to “Sharing the OBX love.

  1. It really was great! Jacob now says he wants to build his own surf board like Christopher!!

  2. Love this! I want to come too!!!!

I always love hearing from you! :-)

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