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The Tyranny of the Urgent

How did the day get away from me?

Going for a walk.

Only slightly taming the laundry beast.



Finally putting those Christmas boxes away. (Yes, I know it’s January 21.)

Encouraging a couple of friends and talking to my Dad.

Half-watching the Presidential Inaugural festivities, which basically ended up as noise in the background of my day.

Taking Emma to show choir rehearsal.

And yet, here I sit: schoolwork unfinished, co-op prep undone, dinner plans unmade, many home chores yet undone.

Another day. Much like any other.

A constant battle.

The tyranny of the urgent.

It takes you over sometimes.

This is how I have felt lately.

Overrun by one thing after another and feeling absolutely ZERO sense of accomplishment.

Always behind.

Always running to catch up.

Putting out fires.

Rushing from one thing to the next.

Just getting in under the wire.

Head spinning.

I look up and see the next wave rolling in.

Each day I pray that God will direct me to what is important and help me to fix my eyes on Him.

That the tyranny of the urgent will not overshadow the peace and rest and joy of the eternal.

Some days I do better than others.

How was your day?


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