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Rainy Days and Mondays

No witty quote to insert here, just a little Karen Carpenter today. Yes, it is Monday and yes, it is rainy. And yes, my LCD is kicking up. Sing it. You know you want to. “Hanging arouuuuund…nothing to do but frooooown…Rainy days and Mondays always get meee doooown.”

I find my mental health suffers greatly on days like today. Mondays alone lend themselves to living life in slow motion, but throw a little rain and chilly temperature in there, and I am all but done for!


Add in there a little leaky ceiling, thanks to the leaky shower upstairs, as well as a non-functioning garage door during this morning’s downpour whilst trying to retrieve groceries from the back of the car and you’ve got yourself a great start to the week. Oh! And let’s not forget my vacationing PC. (Apparently the “new” motherboard they gave me a couple of weeks ago was a lemon. Nice, right? Buy the extended warranty, I’m just sayin. It pays for itself.)

Double Waaaaah!!

Moving on. Cause, where does the whining get ya?? Plus, y’all don’t want to hear anymore about that stuff anyway.

We had a busy weekend around here. Well, a busy Saturday is probably more accurate, I suppose, but it feels like we lived a whole weekend crammed into one day! Softball opening ceremonies, first game, band practice, the boys went fishin’ and to a friend’s cook out, also some shopping, Emma went to a friend’s house and finally, dinner in Charleston with out of town friends. That all happened on Saturday. Really awesome day, but it pretty much took all of Sunday to recover.

Saturday kicked off softball season for us. We love softball season around here. Emma is starting her third year.

SIDEBAR: I had another blog post all drafted and about ready to publish when my computer crashed. Oh, it was filled with all the wonderful nuggets of wisdom we have gained from the world of softball. Hopefully, you will get to read that post one day, but let’s just say for the record, that the biggest thing we have learned from softball is how to lose.

Yes, Emma has spent some time in these formative softball years learning that all-important–and humbling–lesson of how to hold your head up after you lose nearly every. single. game. Last year that is what happened; they lost EVERY game. Tough season, I tell ya.

Now, we all know the old adages about how winning isn’t everything and how it is just as important to know how to be a gracious loser as it is to be a gracious winner and all that jazz. So when this year’s practices started, Emma was very excited and we talked about focusing on teamwork and becoming the best ballplayer that she can. We also mentioned that we would like to win maybe just one little game. I don’t care who you are, it feels good to win the occasional softball game!

The girls have worked hard in their practices and Emma is learning to play first base this year, and doing great! Her BFF is on the team and we are liking the coaches a lot, as well. All those things together are making it a fun season so far, but…

Drum roll puh-lease!

I am happy to say that the Carolina Crushers WON their first game 7-3! Woohoo! I told Emma that now she can relax. The black cloud of “are we going to win any games this year” has lifted and now they can just play hard and have fun!

I would be lying if I said that mama wasn’t secretly hoping they win a lot more!!

Is that so wrong? 😉

*whispers Go Crushers*


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Mish Mash




Today commences another year’s standardized testing aka torture.  I know I complain about it a lot, but honestly, I have now decided that it’s not so bad because there is no homework during testing weeks! That’s a BIG “thumbs up” here in mi casa!

Meanwhile, Emma has celebrated her 11th birthday!  So hard to believe.  She is growing up before my eyes…they both are… and turning into such wonderful people.  I really LIKE my children.  I love them like crazy, but I really like them as people.  I like hanging out with them.  They are such cool kids.

There was the obligatory sleepover birthday party.  Complete with going to the pool, making our own pizzas and decorating flip flops.  I think the girls had a good time.  Personally, I was exhausted.  But I’m glad Em was happy.

In other news, thanks to my high school buddy Yvette, I have discovered another cool something here on the world wide web…Pandora Radio.  This is SO COOL!  It is free and you can basically customize your own radio station.  You have to check it out.  I have created an 80s station that I am LOVING.

Life is busy around here.  Emma is playing softball, seems like a lot. But she is having fun.  Their record is currently 3-7, but they have improved tons since their first game.  Think Bad News Bears-ish.  But now they are fielding that ball and getting some hits.  Go Her-icanes!   

Jacob is working hard too…we began the summer countdown a little while ago…back at day 40.  Today is T minus 20 and counting!  We are all SO ready for this year to be over and move toward our homeschool plan for next fall.  He is excited.  And so am I.  Excited but nervous.  I’m not sure how it is all going to look, but I am going to make it work.  I always say that whatever God calls you to do, He equips you to do it.  And there is no other way that I’d be fixing to homeschool except that it is a God thing.  Trust me.  I was one of “those” people who always truly admired those who could homeschool, but I wasn’t one of them.  Well, here I go.  Yes, I hear God (and some of my friends) laughing too.  I’ll keep you posted. 

Emma however, will be going to public school.  She was accepted into a local middle school of the arts.  So, she is really excited about that…in spite of the fact that none of her friends are going.  She says she’ll be lonely; I say, not for long. 

But let’s just get through the next 20 days, eh?  And then breeze on into the summer.  Anybody else out there feeling me on this?? 


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