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Getting Fit Fridays {vol. 4}–Mouth Breathers Unite!

This week has been tough. I mean, it is hard to really get out there and give all you’ve got to the Couch to 5K when you can’t breathe through your nose. You know, that whole “breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth” business.

Genius tissue dispenser, courtesy of Pinterest.It’s true. This week I have been battling the creeping crud. It hasn’t knocked me completely out, but it has been totally annoying. And inconvenient.

But isn’t there always an easy excuse to find to avoid the workout or to just grab something quick to eat?

Y’all nod your heads. You know it’s true.

Monday I did nothing. Tuesday I manned up, choked down some Day*Quil and went to workout at the park with my girls. Wednesday—nothing. Thursday it was pretty much monsoon-ing here. But thanks to my girl, Cris, who is so awesome and inspiring (and, thanks also, to some more Day*Quil), we met up with some of our other girls and did a Biggest Loser workout video in our friend’s garage. This morning, the skies are clear, but my head is not.

Where does all this mucous come from, y’all?? Good gracious, I have never seen so much! My plan is to choke down some more meds and get out there and do my run today! Even if I have to be a mouth breather—I’ll give it my best.

And then there is the issue of appetite—I just don’t really feel like eating anything much. And I sure haven’t felt like standing at the stove. So, surely I’ve eaten less this week, but it has not always been the best of choices. Thus, my family has not gotten the best choices either. And then I’ve just felt too tired to really be diligent about my food journal. Sigh.

Just being honest here.

This is where the proverbial rubber meets the road.

Pushing through. Pressing on.

When you are feeling sick-y. When life gets crazy. When you feel like you don’t have time for a workout or to prepare something healthier to eat. When some roadblock appears.

I must refuse to be derailed! Or at the very least, get back on the rail ASAP when I see life getting kay-ray-zay.

I am realistic. I know that Life Happens. And I know there are times when my body is telling me I need to rest, and I do. I know there will be days when working out doesn’t happen. Or when I make less than stellar food choices.

But I refuse to make excuses. I refuse to just give up and quit. I can’t. Not this time. I’ve started and stopped too many times before.

Let’s face it, I only have this one body (and it ain’t getting any younger, y’all!). I have a responsibility to get healthy. I owe it to my family—to be here for them, to be an example to my daughter. I owe it to myself, because I am worth taking care of and feeling better physically, emotionally and spiritually. Most of all, I owe it to God. He is the One who created me, after all.

So, what do you do to stay on track when you feel like life is going nuts?

“Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway. ” – Earl Nightingale


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Surfing and Jesus

Have y’all ever put those two things together?

Well, my kids are.

Jacob catching a waveWe are enjoying time in the Outer Banks of NC this week. Jacob and Emma are attending a surfing camp here, along with three of their cousins.

Makes me wanna sing “it’s a family affaiiiirrrr, it’s a family affaiiiirrrr”, but I digress…

The camp is hosted by pro surfer Noah Snyder, with the help of some of his buddies, FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) and the local church where my dad and brother are pastors. While surfing is a large part of the experience, the  larger part is to point kids to Jesus.

Yesterday, the first day of camp and barely 10 minutes after the kids had first ventured out to catch their first waves, a young lady’s leg was injured by her board resulting in the need for her to be taken to get stitches. She was very fortunate; her injury could have been much worse.

I watched as all the staff worked so quickly. First, to pray, as they carried her up to shore from the water. Second, to keep pressure on her wound and call for help. And third, to help the girl stay calm. I wanted so much, as my mother instinct kicked in, to rush over and do something. But I could see they had it well in hand and I tried to back away and reassure all the other kids, including Emma.

Enter the major flashbacks for both Emma and me…flashbacks to the broken leg. As I saw the injured girl being carried out of the water, I was sure the child’s leg was broken. So was Emma. Naturally, Emma was pretty freaked out. It was hard for her to watch. It made her second guess her plan to try this surfing thing after all.

Emma getting encouragement from NoahIt is amazing how certain experiences in life can take you back so quickly to those raw emotions, right back to the very moment when a similar thing happened to you. It broke my heart not only to see the girl suffering the injury, but also to see my child reliving her injury all over again. And reliving it so strongly that it literally made her start feeling sick.

Could it be that God was using that moment to take Emma back to that place, to feel those emotions again, so that He can do some healing in Emma’s heart? I hadn’t thought about it that way, but when my Dad mentioned it to me, I thought he might be on to something.

You can’t heal from hurts you choose not to feel. Those feelings are still there whether or not you choose to feel them. They can begin to fester without your knowing it, too. And then suddenly, something happens out of the blue, and those feelings bubble up to the surface and then, BAM! you hardly know what’s hit you! It took some time for Emma to be ready to get out there and give it a try, but she did.

A lot of surfing is about patience, perseverance and practice. So is life. So is walking with God. Surfing is about faith too. Faith that the board to hold you up. Faith that if you fall, you will be okay. Faith that if you work at it, you will get better. It’s about stepping out into a scary place. You don’t know what is in the water. You don’t always know how the wave will break. It’s about going out deeper, catching bigger waves and trusting that the Lord will be there for you when you fall off the board, because you will fall off the board.

“Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see.” ~Hebrews 11:1 (New Living Translation)

It’s like Noah said today, “If you’re not falling off the board, then you’re not surfing.”

And that doesn’t just apply to surfing.


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The two “P”s

“Perseverance is the hard work you do after you get tired of doing the hard work you already did.” ~Newt Gingrich

I would say that the last three weeks of our lives fit Mr. Gingrich’s definition of perseverance pretty well.  The hard work has been, well…hard. And you have to do the hard work over and over all day and all night.  I never thought of having a broken leg as hard work, but it is—hard work for the person with the broken leg and for the caregivers. And until you have experience with a broken leg, you pretty much don’t think about that at all.  Having the “broken leg experience” truly changes your life’s view.

Emma and I have learned the value of a handicapped accessible bathroom.  We have said we would never look at people who live in a chair day in and day out the same way. You would be surprised how many people, young and old, stare.  You would think no one had ever seen a person in a long leg cast before.  I told her we need to make up some crazy story about what happened to her leg, just because what really happened gets old in the repetition.  We have learned how important it is to rely on others for help and we have also learned to ask for said help.  It is surprisingly hard. We will never take for granted being able to walk to the bathroom unassisted or sitting at the table in a dining room chair or riding rides at Disneyworld or bathing or getting in and out of the car. Living in a long leg cast changes how you do everything. And it changes you.

That said, I am grateful for this experience. Emma might not agree with that statement entirely, and I wish we could have learned the things we are learning without the pain of a broken leg.  But I am grateful because of one word: perspective.

Sometimes we need things in our lives to help us view things differently, for God to teach us things, to have a more grateful heart.  Emma has had some moments of clarity in this process and so have I. 

Disney (Mom's camera) 116Last Friday afternoon as we toured around Epcot on her class trip in the wheelchair in the 90+ degree heat, we were looking for a restroom.  When we came upon one of those self-contained family restrooms, we opened the door and rolled in.  First thing we noticed was the awesome air conditioning.  Ahhhhh!  So nice! Then Emma said, “Look!  Bars on the wall!  And we can roll right up beside the toilet and I can just transfer!” (She was very excited.) We got her situated and I sat down in the wheelchair to wait for her.  I looked over at the sink. “Look, Emma! A sink that you can roll all the way under and wash your hands!!”  I said to her, “Think about people who live in a chair every day of their lives and are always in need of accessibility.”  She said, “I know, Mom.  Here we are at Epcot, at Disneyworld, and we are all excited about the bathroom and just wanting to stay in here!” We had a good laugh. It is amazing the things you get excited about when you have a different perspective.

I know our experience is temporary and things are getting progressively easier. I know in the scheme of things, it could be so much worse.  This is not life or death. But I know that I am changed because of it and I know that the lessons Emma has learned are ones she will carry with her forever.

Perseverance. Perspective. They are life changing lessons.

“ …we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope.”  ~Romans 5:3-4 (NIV)


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