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Five Minute Friday: SHE

On Fridays, a bunch of writers set the clock and write for 5 minutes, no edits, just writing, throwing perfectionism out the window. Completely cray-cray, right? Yes, well, the prompt this week is the word SHE.

Here goes…


She was always there for us when we were kids. Always. Waking us up for school. Always making sure we had a hot breakfast. Always there for us after school.

She was there when my dad was away traveling, which was often. She put up with so much crap from us, all three of us. Well, very little crap from my little brother—mostly from my older brother and me. 

Mama and Me in 2012She expects honesty from people, which is no less than she expects from herself. She lives that out in her life.

She prayed without ceasing for us kids as we were growing up and for my Dad and so many others. I remember seeing that little plastic set of praying hands sitting on the window sill over the sink—the ones that held the list of people she prayed for as she slaved away over the dishes.

She trusted me as a kid, as a teenager. I have no idea why, but I felt it from her. I never wanted to let her down, though I know I did, many times.

Though she tends to live her life in a reserved, sit back and take it all in, kind of way, I remember how she would laugh hysterically with me in the aisles of the Hallmark store at those crazy cards that struck us both as so funny. People would stare at us as we laughed till we cried. But we didn’t care.

She takes care of people. Always has. And now she takes care of my two grandmothers who are both in their 90s. Without complaint. And thinks of their needs before her own.

She has spent her life doing that—taking care of others before herself, leaving her very little time for a life of her own. But it’s what she does. She is a godly woman. She’s a wife. She’s a mom. She’s a grandma. She’s a giver. She is filled with integrity. She is an example to me. She is my friend.

She is my Mama. And I love her.


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Five Minute Friday


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30 Days of Thankfulness-Day 22 or Happy Birthday, Mama!

Today, it is so easy to do my thankful post! Today is my mama’s birthday.

  • I am so very thankful for the Mama God gave me.

How cute are these people??I am pretty sure my mom is not ashamed of her age, although she does comment on her “oldness” a lot these days.  I tell her she is not old.  Today, she is 70 years old. If I can look as good as she does at 70, I’ll be doing good! I mean, that woman has hardly any wrinkles.  Her face is as smooth as a baby’s butt. It is so strange to me to think of her as 70, though.  It sounds old, but then again, it doesn’t.  I am sure that makes no sense at all. But in your mind, your parents are just your parents; they are not an age. So it seems weird that all of a sudden they are 70—70 is not old anymore. Right?

I am thankful for my mama because she was always there for us kids. We knew that when we came home from school, she would be there.When we got up in the morning—or rather when she dragged us out of bed in the morning—we knew she would have a hot breakfast for us before we left to go to school. She gave us consistency in a childhood that was not always consistent, since we moved around a lot. She was constant. Always.

She has lived out, for 47 years now, what it means to be a faithful and devoted wife and mother and gave me an example to strive toward. She never raised her voice to our dad.  I never heard them argue. Not once. They had discussions where they did not always agree, but never fought. She did raise her voice to us kids on occasion, but we often deserved it. I’m not gonna lie, she did also bring out the belt or the yard stick occasionally (in fact, I recall a yard stick that broke when she whacked my older brother with it), but we probably deserved that too. I have only ever heard her swear once in my whole life…dropped a d-bomb, as I recall.

She has followed my dad more places than I am sure she ever wanted to in their various moves over the years. She has been home with us kids while our dad was on the road. We did not always have much money, but I never knew that as a kid. She has made food streeeetch. I can’t tell you how many tuna casseroles or salmon patties I ate growing up (have not eaten either since I got married and left home!).  She was home to deal with the day to day hard stuff that came up while my dad was not home, and with 3 kids, there were plenty of things that would have driven most people crazy.

She is reserved in public. She seems quiet. She is definitely that strong, quiet woman behind her man. She is also a woman of strong faith, who came and read Psalm 91 to me at night when I was afraid of the dark. She kept a tiny plastic pair of praying hands in the window sill above the kitchen sink which held a list of names of people she prayed for. She has always been supportive of me as a person and a mother and has listened to me cry and rant when things in my own life were getting crazy. She only offered advice when asked and never judged.

Don’t be fooled by Mama’s seemingly reserved appearances! People who don’t know her well or have only a brief chance to meet her, have no idea how funny she is and how amazing she is. And they are missing out. I’m glad I did not miss out. I could not have asked for a better mama. She is truly a blessing and I am so grateful for her.

I love you, Mama!  Happy Birthday!

“If you have a mom, there is nowhere you are likely to go where a prayer has not already been.”  ~Robert Brault


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