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30 Days of Thankfulness-Day 8

Holy cow!  We are already 8 days into November! This year has flown by so fast…in a minute we’ll be ringing in 2012! YIKES! I spend many days wishing everything would just. slow. down!

  • I am thankful for each day, each moment, I have to spend with my family. 

Jacob and Emma. Fall '99I remember when my kids were little and I would just pray to get through from one day to the next.  I would be so frazzled and exhausted and both kids would be freaking out for whatever reason and I would be wishing time would speed up and we could all just go to bed and start over tomorrow. What those real “Calgon” moments are for, you know? But now, oh, now, how I wish I could get those moments back.  Those sticky toddler kisses moments. Those cuddled up in bed reading books together moments.

I can’t get those “frenzied mother of preschoolers” moments back, but I can enjoy each day. Now. Each day with my awesome kids…those precious babies, who are turning into awesome young adults.

It is only now as an adult that I can see how true it is that life is fleeting.  You know, hindsight and all. My grandma warned me it would be like this. She was right.  Grandmas are right a lot.

  • Let me say here that I am very thankful for my grandmas.

I have shared about my grandmas on occasion.  I feel so fortunate to still have both my grandmas at my age (42) and at their ages—92 and 91. They are both remarkable ladies in their own rights and I have learned a lot from them about life, love, generosity and being a lady.

  • I am thankful for crisp fall mornings.
  • I am so very thankful for the freedom we have in this country. To worship as we choose. To educate our children as we choose. To vote.
  • I am very thankful for and to the men and women who work for and fight to protect that freedom each day—at the risk of losing their lives.

Until tomorrow—Be thankful! ♥


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Fantastic Fall or 30 Days of Thankfulness-Day 1

“Thanksgiving was never meant to be shut up in a single day.” ~Robert Caspar Lintner

It seems unreal that it could be November first already.  Seems like I was just blowing my New Year’s noisemaker yesterday.  Sheeesh!

I do love Fall; it is my favorite time of year.  The air is crisp.  The pumpkins are in abundance. My kids start wanting hot chocolate in the mornings. The holidays are around the corner.  I really, really love it.

And since November is the month of Thanksgiving, I am going to attempt something I have never before attempted…the 30 days of Thankfulness blog challenge.

Truly, I am lucky if I can stick with anything for more than a week.  In fact, I am stunned that this blog still exists after 5 years—since my blogging has been sporadic, at best, for the last 3 years. The plan is to blog every day for the entire month of November about gratitude and thankfulness and stuff I am thankful for.

Certainly, we should live each day with a thankful heart.  It can radically change your perspective if you dwell on the blessings in your life and even celebrate those blessings disguised as what appears to be something crappy. I try very hard to look for the silver linings, to see what God is trying to teach me, to look for, what I like to call, “opportunities to grow”.  I don’t always succeed, but I recognize the importance of trying.

So, let’s try to stick to this 30 days of Thankfulness, eh?

  • I am thankful for two awesome kids who don’t take themselves too seriously.

Some people might say that kids who are 16 and 13 years old are too old for Trick or Treating.  I say, PSHAW!!  I mean, look at these faces:

Halloween 2011

Seriously, if they came to your door, you’d want to give them candy, right?  It’s not like they put on a Jason mask with their street clothes and showed up at your door holding open a pillow case bulging with Snickers, M & Ms, and Laffy Taffy  and not even bothering to mumble under their breath an indistinct “trick or treat”! These children actually put some thought into their costumes!  They are not too old to think themselves too cool for Halloween, for dressing up and having a little fun. For my kids, it is not about the candy, it’s about being creative and coming up with a fun costume. And I am thankful for that.

  • I am thankful for the fair, funnel cakes and rickety fair rides.
  • I am thankful for orthopedic surgeons, plates and screws, healed bones and physical therapy.
  • I am thankful for my son and his perseverance.

We love going to the fair each fall. The kids always love it.  This year, we took along one of Emma’s friends.  We find this makes Emma, um, shall we say, less moody. Yeah, that is all I’ll say about that.

I was concerned about her being able to walk around the fair all day, as she is still recovering from her broken leg and subsequent surgery, but she did so great and made up for all the rides she could not ride when we went to Disney back in May. That girl rode some crazy stuff…I think thanks to the peer pressure from her friend. Regardless, she rode stuff and had a blast! What was really cool, was how Jacob handled the whole thing.  Can you say, Sensory Overload? However, he did not wear his earplugs AT ALL for the entire 7 hours we were there. He rode almost every ride that his sister did (even the ones with loud music and a bunch of screamers!).  He navigated through crowds of crazy chaos. And he had a great time! He was nothing short of amazing (as usual). And I am so thankful.

Until tomorrow—Be thankful!


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Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin’


“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving” ~Albert Einstein


We had a lovely fall weekend here…a few patches of clouds and rain, but nothing to complain about.  Just the right amount of crisp in the air.  We managed a fun family bike ride Sunday afternoon on a trail here in town.  Unlike Iowa, I have found South Carolina to be very cyclist UNfriendly.  In Iowa there were great wide sidewalks EVERYwhere–perfect for the leisurely family cyclists–here, not so much.   So, you load up the bikes and go find yourself a trail.

Wish I had had my camera with me.  We took some stops along the way at the creek, at the railroad tracks.  Imagine shots in black and white–a rear view of the kids walking on the railroad tracks with their arms out to their sides for balance.  Yeah.  It would have been great.  But, lucky for me, I got to see the real thing!  Took some mental snapshots.

Hubby somehow managed to cram all four bikes into the back of The Edge (with the back seat folded down). Two of us rode in The Edge and the other two rode in Hubby’s car. 

SIDEBAR:  I just realized I have no name for Hubby’s car.  Can’t say I feel compelled to have one either. 

Anyhoo, I told Hubby that would be the LAST time we cram all those bikes into The Edge.  I was on pins and needles!  I’d like to keep him nice and clean for more at least a couple of months, ya know.  Hubby’s comment: “Did we buy this car to use it or to keep it clean?”  Point taken.  But STILL. 

Hey, that gives me an idea…Hubby’s birthday next month…he’s gettin’ a bike rack.  Yep.

Fun family bike rides rock.  Totally.


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