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The myth of multi-tasking.

“Hutchison’s Law: Any occurrence requiring undivided attention will be accompanied by a compelling distraction.” ~Robert Bloch

ADD or BMSRecently I have begun hanging out at the Starbucks near the community college with my Venti Skinny Vanilla Latte while Jacob is in class. It really doesn’t make sense to drive nearly 30 minutes to the school and nearly 30 minutes back home, then do it all over again in a couple of hours. Can we say, gas prices?? Cha-ching!

So I pack up my bag of tricks, drop Jacob off at school and head over to do some “work” at Starbucks.

Oh, honey, I bring my books for my co-op classes. I have my laptop. My calendar. My book club book (currently The Picture of Dorian Gray…on Chapter 3 presently.). My other book club book (The Fire of Delayed Answers by Bob Sorge, which is excellent stuff, indeed. Highly recommend. PLUG: I have been participating in an online discussion each Wednesday. Come back tomorrow for my response to this week’s chapter.)

Think, Mary Poppins’ bottomless bag. Who knows what else is might be in there? 

I come each time with very high hopes of great accomplishments—intentions to get everything all read and planned for my Thursday co-op classes, get a blog post written, respond to emails, and read a few chapters in both book club books. No big deal, right?

But alas, I never fail to be sidetracked by the many distractions around me.

This is a shocker, I know. <insert mocking laughter here>

I think my failure to accomplish all my plans might be due to an affliction akin to having eyes bigger than your stomach. You know, the best laid plans and all that.

Inevitably, I end up playing Words With Friends or blog hopping or making a friend or inadvertently overhearing the conversation of the folks next to me or Facebooking or, or, or…Or better yet, trying to do all the aforementioned things all at one time. And then there are the times my mind just starts to wander. (Did I leave the stove on? Did I pay the cable bill? Did I sign that thing for Emma for school? Aw, dang, I forgot to run the dishwasher. Did I close the garage door?)

Sad, but true.

Hello??? Distracted much?

I have come to the conclusion that the whole multi-tasking thing is a big lie. It is simply doing many things with little success. Here is the predicament in which I find myself—starting one thing before finishing another and then forgetting ever starting the first thing.

For years, I have somewhat jokingly called myself ADD. Nothing official, of course, but clearly the signs are there. You could probably, more accurately call my problem BMS—Busy Mother Syndrome. My life is full of distractions, yet I just keep pressing on, doing the next thing. Putting out fires as I go. And hoping all the important stuff is done.

However, occasionally, I will manage to focus long enough to actually finish something during my Starbucks visit before I have to return to collect Jacob—like today!


But, hey, even a blind squirrel gets a nut every once in a while, right?


This is my offering for Two Shoes Tuesday. Each week, Josie gives two word prompts to choose from and you must include one or both of them  in an original essay, poem or story. You can use them as a theme or the words themselves. This week’s words were distraction and tears.

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Getting Fit Fridays {vol. 4}–Mouth Breathers Unite!

This week has been tough. I mean, it is hard to really get out there and give all you’ve got to the Couch to 5K when you can’t breathe through your nose. You know, that whole “breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth” business.

Genius tissue dispenser, courtesy of Pinterest.It’s true. This week I have been battling the creeping crud. It hasn’t knocked me completely out, but it has been totally annoying. And inconvenient.

But isn’t there always an easy excuse to find to avoid the workout or to just grab something quick to eat?

Y’all nod your heads. You know it’s true.

Monday I did nothing. Tuesday I manned up, choked down some Day*Quil and went to workout at the park with my girls. Wednesday—nothing. Thursday it was pretty much monsoon-ing here. But thanks to my girl, Cris, who is so awesome and inspiring (and, thanks also, to some more Day*Quil), we met up with some of our other girls and did a Biggest Loser workout video in our friend’s garage. This morning, the skies are clear, but my head is not.

Where does all this mucous come from, y’all?? Good gracious, I have never seen so much! My plan is to choke down some more meds and get out there and do my run today! Even if I have to be a mouth breather—I’ll give it my best.

And then there is the issue of appetite—I just don’t really feel like eating anything much. And I sure haven’t felt like standing at the stove. So, surely I’ve eaten less this week, but it has not always been the best of choices. Thus, my family has not gotten the best choices either. And then I’ve just felt too tired to really be diligent about my food journal. Sigh.

Just being honest here.

This is where the proverbial rubber meets the road.

Pushing through. Pressing on.

When you are feeling sick-y. When life gets crazy. When you feel like you don’t have time for a workout or to prepare something healthier to eat. When some roadblock appears.

I must refuse to be derailed! Or at the very least, get back on the rail ASAP when I see life getting kay-ray-zay.

I am realistic. I know that Life Happens. And I know there are times when my body is telling me I need to rest, and I do. I know there will be days when working out doesn’t happen. Or when I make less than stellar food choices.

But I refuse to make excuses. I refuse to just give up and quit. I can’t. Not this time. I’ve started and stopped too many times before.

Let’s face it, I only have this one body (and it ain’t getting any younger, y’all!). I have a responsibility to get healthy. I owe it to my family—to be here for them, to be an example to my daughter. I owe it to myself, because I am worth taking care of and feeling better physically, emotionally and spiritually. Most of all, I owe it to God. He is the One who created me, after all.

So, what do you do to stay on track when you feel like life is going nuts?

“Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway. ” – Earl Nightingale


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The Tyranny of the Urgent

How did the day get away from me?

Going for a walk.

Only slightly taming the laundry beast.



Finally putting those Christmas boxes away. (Yes, I know it’s January 21.)

Encouraging a couple of friends and talking to my Dad.

Half-watching the Presidential Inaugural festivities, which basically ended up as noise in the background of my day.

Taking Emma to show choir rehearsal.

And yet, here I sit: schoolwork unfinished, co-op prep undone, dinner plans unmade, many home chores yet undone.

Another day. Much like any other.

A constant battle.

The tyranny of the urgent.

It takes you over sometimes.

This is how I have felt lately.

Overrun by one thing after another and feeling absolutely ZERO sense of accomplishment.

Always behind.

Always running to catch up.

Putting out fires.

Rushing from one thing to the next.

Just getting in under the wire.

Head spinning.

I look up and see the next wave rolling in.

Each day I pray that God will direct me to what is important and help me to fix my eyes on Him.

That the tyranny of the urgent will not overshadow the peace and rest and joy of the eternal.

Some days I do better than others.

How was your day?


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