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Hard Labor

“If you want to kill time, try working it to death.”  ~Sam Levonson

We’re back up and at ’em this Tuesday morning after Labor Day.  Can’t say it was easy, but everyone got out the door on time. So a big “woohoo” for us.

It was a fairly low key weekend.  But I’d have to say the most eventful part of the weekend was trampoline related.  For weeks, my hubby has been saying, “we really need to get a new trampoline”.  And for weeks, my reply has been, “so stop talking about it already and go DO IT.”  Well, as you may have read in my previous blog, we had a bit of a “tramp incident” last week.  It was the proverbial straw.  On Saturday, my hubby said, “we are going to get a new trampoline today.”  My comment to my hubby was “you will not purchase a new trampoline until the dilapidated one is dismantled and disposed of.”  All I need is TWO trampolines in my tiny backyard.  I said this fully knowing it would never happen, not in one single day, anyway.  I was wrong.  Yes, you read correctly, I was wrong.  I admit it without shame.  I was glad to be wrong.  So, Saturday afternoon, the four of us got out there and dismantled that thing in about 30 minutes.  We then loaded it all in the back of Big Red and proceeded to the dump.  It’s true.  We drove straight from the dump to Sam’s Club where we purchased ourselves a new trampoline.  If Jacob didn’t love it so much, we certainly could have lived without it.  But that boy is out there EVERY day jumping and jumping and jumping.  (Now, I can’t jump like that because I would pee a little with every jump…if you’ve given birth, you will understand why.)  But that kid is a jumping fool.  So hence the need to purchase another.  We drove home with our new purchase and decided to start putting it together right away…after all, we had already been so industrious.  We were on a roll.  Riiiiiight.

The new trampoline and net enclosure both came with written instructions.  In addition there was a DVD to give you further assistance.  You’d think that would make it easier.  No.  I’d like to say that the instructions were in Chinese and that’s what took us so long to put it together, but alas, they were clearly in English.  But that thing took FOR. EVERRRR. to assemble.  We started Saturday evening around 6 PM.  We finished Sunday evening around 7 PM.  Now, we did have some breaks in there for water, food and sleep.  We also went to church on Sunday morning, but STILL.  We probably spent a grand total of 7 hours on it.  We are not morons.  My husband is an engineer.  But it was not easy or fast.  It is, however, DONE.  And the kids have really enjoyed it a lot and I am much more comfortable with this one.

Oh, and yes, the little neighbor kids have already christened it as well.


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Burning questions

“Sometimes questions are more important than answers.”  ~Nancy Willard, quoted in The Meaning of Life, compiled by Hugh S. Moorhead



The following inquires have been made on many occasions here at Red Van Ramblings.  Such important questions certainly deserve to be answered…..

If you have to “replace” Big Red:

A:  Will you get another red van?

And B: Will you change the name of your blog?

After very minimal thought, the answers, respectively, are:

A:  I surely do hope so!  I love the color red; it makes me feel snazzy.  And frankly, it makes it real easy to spot your vehicle in a parking lot.  But, you can’t always get what you want, as my friend Mick Jagger once said.  So we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. But if we try sometimes, we just might find, we just might fiiiiiiiiind, we get what we need. Oh yeah.

And B:  I can’t imagine changing the name of my blog, y’all!!  It was a momentary (and I DO mean momentary) flash of, dare I say?, brilliance.  And so, in the future–red van or no red van–I think the name has to stay. Don’t y’all?  I might have to do some sort of permanent homage to Big Red or something, just to make sense of the title to any newcomers that might stumble through, though.

I feel we are teetering dangerously close to the edge of making this very earth shattering decision.  Hopefully we can delay it as long as Dr. Gene will help us delay it and as long as we aren’t going to the poorhouse in doing so.  I believe as my bloggee friend, Toni, does…you gotta drive ’em into the ground!!  And that is what we plan to do.

Now that the burning questions on everyone’s minds have been answered, I know we’ll all sleep better tonight.


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Just teasin’

“I am having an out of money experience.”  ~Author Unknown

“That money talks
I’ll not deny,
I heard it once:
It said, “Goodbye.””
~Richard Armour


On my hiatus, it seems like there were so many things I thought I’d blog about once I got back online, but for the life of me, now I can’t think of what they were. 

Be that as it may, every day life is never without blog fodder.  If you are looking for it.  It has a certain way of presenting itself. 

Case in point:

I knew I spoke too soon when I mentioned the other day that Big Red was still hanging in there.  Big mistake.  SIGH.  And I KNOW y’all are sick of hearing about my car, BUT…

Yesterday, right when I needed to be taking Emma to her horseback riding lesson, I went to fire her up, except there was no fire.  Oh she would make like she was going to fire up, but she was just teasin’.


But here’s the kicker.  When Clyn got home from work, he got in there and CRANKED HER right up. 

Go figure.  So we decided to get her up to the car doctor ASAP, while she was cranked up.

So, she’s gone to see Dr. Gene.  Sounds like he’ll be able to fix her up…for a small fee.

But I ask you, when do you throw in the towel and say…okay, we’re done.  Put her out of her misery.  When, I ask you, is it humane to euthanize your car?  Yes, I said CAR not CAT.  She doesn’t appear to be in any pain, but she is surely causing me some–mental and financial.  Do you let your car tell you when enough is enough?  When do you decide to bite the bullet and buy a another car?  Is it at the point where what it will cost to fix the old one exceeds what a down payment on a new one would be?  Where, where, do you draw the line??  I just don’t know.

Bear in mind that this occurred exactly TWO DAYS after we purchased our computer.  Coincidence?  I think not.

Talk amongst yourselves.



Alrighty then.  Let’s move on, shall we?  On to happier things.

Guinea pigs make us happy don’t they?  Yes, they absolutely do.  This is Zippy.  He’s got this sorta mohawk thing going on and so I wanted to name him Mo.  He he.  Or Mr. T, which I thought was cool but my kids didn’t appreciate.  Then I suggested Skunk.  No.  Shot down.  Then the white stripe reminded me of a zipper down the middle of his head and I said that to Emma and she said, “That’s it!  I’ll call him Zippy.”   And Viola! 

He’s been a lot of fun to have around.  Only now I’ve got to arrange pet care for yet another of our growing menagerie of critters whenever we go out of town.  Oh well.  The joys of parenthood.

That’s all I have to say about that.





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