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30 Days of Thankfulness-Day 29 or Cyclops’ Revenge

So I thought I was being smart when I strategically put my make up on yesterday. WRONG.

You’ll recall my head injury mentioned in yesterday’s post. Yes, well, I really thought I had it covered. I walked into physical therapy with Emma yesterday and the cute girl at the desk who takes my money and makes Emma’s appointments, immediately says, with a raised eyebrow, “Girl, what did you do to your head??”

Dang. So much for camouflage!

Thanks to Emma’s therapist, who has a delightful sense of humor, I was asked about my “third eye” and promptly dubbed Cyclops.  (No, I will not be posting any pics!) Glad I’m not 13…something like that could possibly have scarred me for life, ya know!

  • That said, I am thankful that bruises heal…quickly. But bruises are indeed the living embodiment of the saying about things getting worse before they get better, no? Such lovely shades of green and yellow!  Oh, and also, bruises are the “gift that keeps on giving”, are they not? So many idioms, so little time…
  • I am thankful for lovely fall temperatures. Though it is cloudy out there today, I do love the cooler temps. I say, enjoy it while it lasts…winter is quickly approaching!
  • I am thankful that I was able to clean up Zippy’s things yesterday before Emma got home from school. It made me sad, but I was thankful to have it done.
  • I am also very grateful that I did not further injure my already jacked up back by vacuuming the area where Zippy used to live. In case you didn’t know, guinea pigs are very messy little critters.
  • I was excited to learn the Spanish phrase “Vamos de compras!” today. One of the perks of home schooling is you definitely learn along with your student! It means “Let’s go shopping!” Very appropriate for this upcoming season and as I am planning to head on a shopping trip with my sister-in-law this weekend! Should be fun.

I am a little disappointed that the “30 Days of Thankfulness” are wrapping up. I am quite pleased that I have managed to keep up the regular posting for the entire month…oh, she who is the non-finisher of things. Yeah, yeah, I know there is still tomorrow.

Here’s hoping I can keep it up for one more day.

Until then, be thankful!

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30 Days of Thankfulness-Days 25, 26, 27 & 28 or The Facts of Life Theme Song

Happy Cyber Monday, y’all! I am not currently doing any online shopping, but probably should be…I need to get cracking! I already “missed out” on Black Friday. <insert faux sad face here>  (Could they find a better name for that day?  I mean, really. I find it quite off-putting, not to mention, depressing.) Seriously, though, I choose not to participate in the madness that is Black Friday.  I have gone twice in my life, I do believe. Once with my sis-in-law, Amy, who is a Black Friday devotee and once by my own self when I had a particular mission in mind, but other than that, I do try to avoid the crazy. I must say, I prefer a more relaxed shopping experience.

We had a wonderful time visiting with all our family over the long weekend. First, with my family and then, with my in-laws. We ate till our heads nearly popped off and our stomachs exploded. Which is wrong, I know, but it was yummy.

  • I always find the time with my people is too short, but I am also so very grateful to have any time with them at all.  We used to live so far away from our peeps that is was difficult to make the trip for both Thanksgiving and Christmas, so we would usually forego the Thanksgiving trip. I am so thankful to live close enough now to do BOTH! Yeah!
  • Honestly, I am thankful today to be in one piece.
  • I am also thankful that my sister-in-law is a physical therapist.

At some point between last Thursday and Friday afternoon, I managed to jack up my back somehow.  I am not exactly sure what I did, but suddenly it was like I was really old or something.  I could barely stand up straight. I was thinking, “I am too young for this.” But clearly, that is not true, because there I was having to let my nearly 83 year old mother-in-law bend over to put the leash on my dog!  I just seems wrong to be letting that happen, y’all.  Yeah, embarrassing, I know. If I needed (more) inspiration to lose weight, this certainly was a light bulb moment.  My flabby abs are needing some firming up. I am thinking my back would appreciate some support…any support at all. So I am working toward that end. My sister-in-law, a physical therapist, managed to work on my back a little and give me some things to do to try to help, but dang.  I do not have time to be down with my back. I have life to do. Shopping, laundry, Christmas decorating, school, cleaning, walking up and down stairs, etc.

For a person who does not like to ask for help, it makes for unpleasant times.

Then, if my back being all jacked up was not enough, Jacob and I were standing behind The Edge on Saturday with the hatch back open getting stuff out of the back and Jacob decided to go ahead and close it up. Sadly, my head was still in the way. Needless to say, my ailing back now has a big old goose egg on my head as an accessory. On a bright note, it did make me forget about my back for a moment. Poor Jacob felt so bad. I am pretty sure he did not mean to nearly knock me unconscious.

The irony of this is that about 10 years ago, I slammed the hatch back door of our Subaru Legacy wagon down on my SIL’s head and I have been paranoid about that ever since. Not paranoid enough apparently.

As a consolation prize, I was notified yesterday on the way back home that I won a door prize from an art show that my MIL and SIL and I went to on Saturday! I never win anything! So yay!

So, we’ve had the bad and the good and the bad and the good here over these last few days. ♪♫ You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have the facts of life.. ♫♪ Mostly good with a bit of pain and a smattering of sad. (It was hard to arrive home last night to Zippy’s things, and no Zippy.) But overall, a wonderful time with family.

And that is truly what it is all about.


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