Ten Things of Thankful, with a Spanish flair. Kinda. You’re welcome.

It’s Saturday! And I am thrilled to say that I’m actually going to get my Ten Things of Thankful post up on SATURDAY this weekend! HA! Woooo!

It is almost 10 am here and all is still silent, except for our little Lubie bird chirping and pecking away happily at his bell in his cage. Emma is off at her “other family’s” house, Jacob is snoozing it up and Clyn had to go in to work for a bit this morning. So, here I sit. In my jammies, sipping on my English Breakfast tea, which is now slightly cold because it is chilly here, y’all! Woke up to temps in the upper 30s, which is cold for the end of October in South Carolina! I am currently refusing to turn on the heat, because I am sure that next week, we will be back in the 80s or something like that. When I turn on the heat, that means it is winter and I’m not ready to let go of fall just yet.

On that note, I will go nuke my tea….

…and we’re back! That is much better!

I almost got completely sidetracked (shocker!) by a tempting email from Snapfish telling me I can order my Christmas cards NOW and get 50% off my order. I’m not going to lie, I went and looked and clicked around and almost got stuck there! Oh my, the ADD is kicking up for real today!

On to the business at hand!

This week…has been long. Not in a bad way, but somehow yesterday morning when I was driving to the gym, it occurred to me that Monday seemed like a long time ago. Partly, I think, it is due to the fact that my poor, sweet hubby has been working extremely long hours this week. A project of his this week has required him to be at work really early, 5 am early, and to stay really late. One night, I am pretty sure he got home around 11:30. And he is back there today, Saturday. He is my thankful thing numero uno. He works so hard and is so conscientious about his work. I hope those people know how blessed they are to have such an employee as my man! But if they don’t, I do. And I know that everything he does is for the kids and me.  And, no, he does not get paid overtime, as he is a salaried employee.

Thankful thing numero dos and tres. (Do y’all like my Español, by the way?? HA!) I am thankful for my hilarious daughter (thing dos…literally and figuratively). I’m telling you, she makes me laugh so hard sometimes that I snort and tears come out of my eyes. She is medicine to me. She is also an excellent student, who, along with tons of her peers, was honored for her academic achievements in a ceremony this week at school. She is so nonchalant about it all, which is funny to me. Girl! You got all As in  every subject last year, for the whole school year! It is okay to be happy and proud of that! But no. It is just what she does. Nothing special. Whatevs. Again, hilarious. But we are proud…Look at her and Harper, aren’t they lovely? Yes, they are. And did you even know you could “letter” in academics?? I didn’t. I only thought you lettered in athletics. Shows how much I know. After the ceremony, we enjoyed a fun dinner with Harper and her family (thing tres)—they are a fun and crazy family.


Thankful thing numero quatro and cinco go together. (Okay, I’m just going with it now. I started a pattern and I can’t simply abandon that pattern. That would just be wrong!) So, I made a new friend this week (thing quatro), which I always love doing! She is a sweet, wonderful lady in my town, who emailed me this week, out of the blue. (Seemingly, but I do not believe in coincidence.) She was emailing me to invite me to participate in a day-long Christian women’s conference that is being held at her church in January (thing cinco). I was pretty freaked out. I’ve never stood up in front of a group of people to talk about anything. I’m not counting my students because that it not stuff I have to come up with out of my own head! And I’m not counting that speech class I had to take in college, because they actually give you a topic to talk about! This would be leading a small breakout session in a topic of my choosing as it relates to encouraging women. Really? It blows my mind that, first of all, any more than 5 people actually read my ramblings on a daily basis and, second of all, that I would have anything of value to share with a group of women. It is very humbling, but also a very exciting opportunity that I have agreed to take on. Sometimes we have to go do that thing which we are so afraid to do; otherwise, how do we stretch and grow? The people I love have all told me they believe in me and to go for it. And so, here I go. Pray for me, y’all!

Thankful thing numero seis. This weather does make me happy. It makes me think of James Taylor’s song, Walking Man (see video below…I do LOVE ME some JT—not to be confused with Justin Timberlake. Sorry, Justin, James Taylor is the original JT. Just saying. The man’s voice is like butter!). “…The leaves have come to turning and the goose has gone to fly….The frost is on the pumpkin and the hay is in the barn…” These are the lyrics that come to mind when I see that early frost. I love getting the sweaters out to wear and walking out the door to that clean, crisp smell in the air. It also makes me think of the county fair and that makes me think of funnel cakes. Mmmm, I can smell them now! Our local fair starts next week! Funnel cake, here I come!

Thankful thing numero siete. Jacob’s school had fall break this past week. So, it meant we were not traipsing back and forth. Our evenings were our own and he actually got ahead on his assignments. We crank back up in full force on Monday, though. But before we know it, the holidays will be upon us and he will have completed his first semester of college! My mind is blown.

Thankful thing numero ocho. I managed to do some laundry this week. Not nearly enough, but, hey, at least my man had some clean underwear.

Thankful thing numero nueve. I am so excited and, frankly, shocked, that I already have some Christmas gifts checked off my list! This is so crazy. I NEVER shop for Christmas before December. Never. In fact, I usually make it a rule, because I find it so irritating that Thanksgiving is pretty much ignored. Anyway, I ordered something for my mom that should be arriving at my door today! Can’t wait to see how it turned out. I can’t tell you what it is! She might be reading! Winking smile But she is going to love it! (Read that in a sing-songy voice, okay?) I have already gotten gifts for both my brothers and their wives as well! As siblings, we do “couple gifts”, so I have something for them that I think is a big score! I love it when I actually get a good gift idea, that is personal, that I am sure the recipient will love! I usually struggle in the couple gift department, because the gift I end up getting is usually always more geared toward one half of the couple. And then it doesn’t really feel like a couple gift at all.

Thankful thing numero diez. Humor. Y’all know how much I need the funny in my life. Please enjoy this:

This made me laugh. so. hard. And I do not lie when I say my face was hurting and I was crying with laughter. Poor Amy. I really hope Ellen pays her well. Pretty sure she is scared of her own shadow and that Andy, well, he is one angry scared person, right? The year Amy went through the haunted house with her mother was pretty hilarious as well. So so funny.

Have a wonderful weekend—stay thankful and stay funny!


On the weekend, I link up with the Ten Things of Thankful Blog Hop to celebrate all the things I am feeling especially thankful for this week. You can join in the gratitude at Lizzi’s blog—Considerings.

Ten Things of Thankful


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24 responses to “Ten Things of Thankful, with a Spanish flair. Kinda. You’re welcome.

  1. Okay, I was all ready to comment and then I watched the Ellen Haunted House video. Now, I’ve got to go back and try to remember what I was going to say the first time! Okay, I’m back. (At least that’s one trick I’ve learned from you. If you want people to read your blog twice, put a video at the end! lol) You’ve really got a lovely daughter. I know your husband’s going through it giving all of her boyfriends the third degree before they date her (as I used to do, lol). Speaking of hubby, I hope he doesn’t end up as I once did. I gave all the hours in the world to a job and devoted myself completely. They rewarded me by telling me that I’d helped them reach all of their goals and they were doing better than ever before, so they no longer needed me. (Actually, that happened once before that as I had managed a radio station, got it’s advertising increased from the low double digits to the mid triple digits per spot, and showed a 400% profit gain for the year. The owner sold the station because it had messed him up in his taxes as he’d always used it prior as a loss to offset his other two stations.) Doing your best and giving your life to a job doesn’t always work out in your favor. Just a thought. And James Taylor … what more needs to be said. I have a Pandora station using him as a center point. Great post!

    • Hi Richard! Thanks so much for stopping by!

      HA! That was totally NOT my intention to make you read the post twice, but now that you have mentioned it…I will keep that in mind for future reference! 😉

      Thankfully, we have not crossed the boyfriend bridge yet with our daughter! Though, I am fully prepared to give the third degree to any fella that skulks around my door…and hubby is too! HAHA!

      I appreciate and definitely understand your comments about the workplace. We have been in the situation where plants have downsized or moved their location and were unable to go with them or we saw the writing on the wall and he went ahead and found another job before the aforementioned things happened. His long hours tend to come in spells, like when he has a big project–such as last week. So it isn’t always like that.

      I also love Pandora!! 🙂 Great idea to have an “All JT, All the time” station! Love it!

  2. What is it about daughters? My daughter and I have so much fun together, laughing at our own jokes and such. My son is more reserved.

    James Taylor is THE JT. And I do like me some Justin Timberlake, too. Love that song, love his smooth voice. I had a greatest hits cd that I play some mornings at preschool, because it makes me happy.

    Speaking at a conference? You go, girl! I’d never do it in a bazillion years, but I’m right there rooting for you!

    I haven’t bought any gifts yet, but I have made a list of about 5 things for my daughter, because she’s the only one who ever mentions things she would like on a daily basis (and having nothing to do with Christmas – she just likes to announce things she would like to have!).

    That poor Amy! She should get paid well AND have great life insurance, for all Ellen puts her through!

    Have a fab week, Joell!

    • I am so thankful that my daughter and I have a good relationship. I have a good relationship with my son, as well. But like your son, he is more reserved. And when he does get tickled about something and laugh that belly laugh of his, oh, it just warms my soul and makes me laugh too. Infectious.

      Don’t get me wrong, I am not hating on Justin T…He is pretty silky smooth his own self! I am glad you are exposing your preschoolers to some quality music! 🙂

      Thanks for the encouragement about my speaking gig! I feel blessed and terrified all at once!

  3. Yay for being proud of kiddos and new friends! Adios!

  4. Good for you for agreeing to speak; I imagine you will do just fine!

  5. I think it is awesome that your daughter is so humble. This is such a rare character trait but one I really love.

    Oh, and I am so with you on the laundry! I have a hate affair with my laundry…

  6. Me gusta, me gusta, me gusta! Muy bueno!

    I love how humble you and your daughter both are about the incredible stuff you do 🙂 Great attitude to have, because after all, it’s all transient and just different people having different talents. I really hope that the conference speaking goes well though. I have discovered that although I CAN get up and do a speechy thing, I tend to be filled with terror whilst doing it, and it’s not my favourite thing.

    I cannot TELL you how much I love that you posted the same Ellen vid as I did yesterday. Love it big. Ellen’s laugh is one of my favourites in the world – just hearing it makes me join in, and her pranks are EPIC! I love the ones where she jumps out on people. The woman is a genius.

    And I’m SO not with you on liking fall. Bring back summer. Banish winter! Hate it. Ick 😦 The rest of your list though – pure awesome.

    Also, forgot to mention – WE say ‘nuke’ over here – is that universal?

    AND as well – (and I’m almost scared to ask after discovering about deep fried butter and elephant ears from Christine) what in tarnation is a FUNNEL cake?

    • I appreciate your encouragement about the conference gig! I covet your continued encouragement and prayers, because, though I am okay today, I know that the closer we get to it, the terror thing will happen to me as well! Perhaps this will help me face the fear, though and press through!

      I can’t believe I posted the same video! I am glad we have the same humor! But that is what I get for not reading your pity face contest post! Right? She does make me laugh so hard! I also love her laugh and I love the way she cracks herself up sometimes! I agree–genius!

      YAY!! Nuke is universal! I am so happy to know that!

      And I am going to find and tweet you a pic/info about the perfection that is, The Funnel Cake. NOT TO BE CONFUSED with Elephant Ears! (Sorry, Christine!) Do not be scared! It is a delicious fried doughnut-like confection served hot and dusted with confectioners’ sugar. Some folks like it with chocolate drizzle or fruit toppings, but I prefer the basic. I mean, why mess with perfection? You can’t think about your figure, though, when eating it and it is best to get ONE to share. Usually, the four of us in my family share one. They are huge. More to come on that subject! 😉

  7. Girl! Here in NC,I was in the at 30 something temp at 7:00 this morning for football. I had am sure I had on snow gear by northern standards.

    I’m pretty scary, I’ve jumped a my reflection in a hotel because I didn’t know a mirror was there. So I don’t know if I can’t click on the video.

    Good for you getting some Christmas shopping done. Interesting enough the most organized I’ve even been with Christmas was the year my husband was deployed. I guess I stayed ahead of the game with everything so that nothing would stress me out.

    • I support you in your need to sport snow gear. Our thin Southern blood can only handle so much!

      The video itself is not scary because you are watching other people be afraid. And you are too busy laughing to worry about any scary things jumping out to grab you! LOL

  8. This is an awesome way of saying gracias! And gracias to you for sharing….I love fall and weather just right is so rare!

  9. zoe

    Ai Caramba! I have not had first comment all day! Dios mio! Pobre cito…Pa Problema , si? numero doce, trece y catorce… JT lives here in the Berkshires and I have to say I am tiring of running into him… makes me sound so crabby… but I do love that song! I also watched that clip I think on Lizzi’s list this week and almost cried laughing…”stop it! Stop it now!”, and catorce? WHo knew you could letter in academics? AWESOME! Congrats!

    • Well, that is what I get for not reading Lizzi’s post yesterday! Not only did I miss out on the whole Pity Face thing, but I also posted the same video. I feel like a loser now! LOL! Oh well.

      The Stop It! Stop it NOW, really was what kept getting me!! HILARIOUS, I tell you! You should also watch the video of Amy and her mother going through a haunted house and there is another of Amy and some random lady going through one too. SO funny. And in the other ones, Amy’s mother and the random lady are wearing the SAME outfit as Amy so they are twinning and shrieking and I just can’t stop laughing. Highly recommend if you are having a sad day!

  10. (phew!) safe to Comment now! total Post-envy on the Spanish number thing! v cool
    and, …and! I totally agree with not giving in to the change of seasons and such… (I totally hate the ‘Not-Summer-Season’)
    as to your public speaking gig, lets up-date the old ‘audience-in-their-underwear’ thing… when you are speaking think of everyone as a computer monitor and you are reading your own Post (to them).

    …er wait a minute. I just read that ‘advice’…better stick with the audience-in-underwear thing lol

    • HAHA!! Congrats on First Comment! I was unaware of the race…I need to get in gear, I suppose!

      I actually like the idea of looking at the group as if I am reading them a blog post! You might be on to something there. But it that doesn’t work, there is always the underwear thing. Good call, Clark!

  11. (Numero once!) (I trust google translator not to steer me wrong or give me something that translates as: “my hat is made of cheese”)
    but… First Comment!! thank god! (this has not been the best of TToT Posts over at the Doctrine!
    Would love to Comment more but I’ve learned how quickly ‘First Comment’ can be taken away..

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