In which we pretend to be British and other thankful stuff.

What a week it’s been here—a couple of weeks actually, since I missed last week’s Ten Things of Thankful. I have had the opportunity to reflect on all that I have to  be thankful for in this life. I have laughed and cried these last couple of weeks. And more than anything, I have been aware of the gratitude I have for my family and the fact that all we truly have on this earth that is of any real and eternal meaning are the relationships with people, with family.

Now, on with the thank-fest!

My greatest joy this week, and easily my most thankful thing, was to hear that my dear sister-in-law received normal results from a biopsy she had on a lump in her breast. I have such gratitude in my heart and such relief! I can only imagine how they must feel!


Last week, after dropping my daughter off at school, I had a near miss with a young man who what about to cross a busy street in front of the school. I am so grateful he was not actively crossing the street when I made that turn…both our lives would have been irrevocably changed in an instant. Oh, what could have been! I am so thankful.


I was excited to go hang out with my book club girls last week. I just love those girls—they crack me up. This time, we read The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde. It was a good read, but a horribly tragic and depressing book. I always try to find something redeeming in the books we read, but it was hard with this one. Maybe, it is to be careful what you wish for, or that vanity and narcissism can only lead to a very dark place. One of the ladies offered this: What if we could all see what our souls look like? A very interesting question. If you’ve read it, I’d love to hear your take. After our book discussion, we opted to lighten things up by watching the film The Importance of Being Earnest based on the Oscar Wilde play. Very clever and funny.


Do we have any Walking Dead fans out there? Okay. Well, don’t judge me, but I am hooked. I mean, really, it’s not about the zombies, y’all! It’s about the people! It happened before last season and I swore I would never be interested in such fare as zombies, but there was a Walking Dead marathon last July (2012) and I was done for. And so, I was excited and, yes, even thankful, to see the new season begin last Sunday. Rick Grimes is BACK! Woot!


I teach two science classes at a local homeschool co-op. And I have to tell you how thankful I am for the awesome kids in there. They are so smart and funny and they make me laugh so hard. Plus, Jacob doesn’t have classes on that day, so he can go with me and be my helper…which I do need! Especially with the elementary aged kids. It is a blessing to be a part of their lives and really very humbling that their parents put them in my hands each week! I love it!


Last week, I went in to my local Target and found this precious gem:

Yes, it’s candy corn, which I only love during the fall months. But then they put it with peanuts! What genius is this?? The perfect combination of salty and sweet. Genius, I tell you! And yes, I have gratitude for candy corn. Call me crazy, but it really hit the spot that day!


Okay, I realize that is not technically ten things, but since it has taken my over 4 hours to get our video loaded, I’m going to close my list here. So, here for your entertainment, is Emma, Jacob and me, doing, what is, I am sure a perfectly smashing job of massacring the Queen’s English. Do forgive, and have a laugh at our expense! You can blame it all on Harry Potter.

And so we feign our best British accents…for you, Lizzi.


On Saturdays (usually—I realize today is Sunday! Ha!) I link up with the Ten Things of Thankful Blog Hop to celebrate all the things I am feeling especially thankful for this week. You can join in the gratitude at Lizzi’s blog—Considerings.

Ten Things of Thankful


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17 responses to “In which we pretend to be British and other thankful stuff.

  1. Hahahaha love your video! What a great sport Emma is for doing this with you 🙂 From an Aussie point of view, your accents are great, but I don’t know what Lizzi would have to say!! LOL. We love The Importance of Being Ernest over here too … another hilarious film 🙂

  2. I love the video! You sound thoroughly British to me! I also love your daughter non-chalantly eating something (mac & cheese?) from a bowl the entire time and your son creeping in the background.

    Candy corn and peanuts together taste like a Payday, but I’d rather have a Payday.

    I call my surgeon “Dorian Grey” (not to his face), because he looks so young and he’s got to be in his late-40s (which is young in its own right).

    And super duper congratulations to your sister-in-law for the negative biopsy! I am a little bit of an advocate of being vigilant about taking care of your girls, and I’m so glad to hear that all went well for her.

    • Emma was eating some hamburger helper…my “go to” some nights. She is hilarious.

      Hahaha about your surgeon!!! I am definitely not putting that book on my list of favorites. Very depressing indeed.

      I know you know all too well about taking care of the girls. 😉 I am asking friends for their suggestions of docs they like in this area and am calling to schedule a mammo for myself. I am ashamed to say, that at 44, I have not had one yet. This incident has definitely brought it home to me that I can’t let it go anymore. So, one of the many good things to come from this is that I am sure there are women who know my SIL who will now be very much more conscious of their breast health. Lizzi has so graciously brought wonderful attention to it as well, as she honored you with her run! How awesome is she?? And how awesome you are! 🙂 Though her fake obit post was horrifying, I must say!! So glad it isn’t true!!! It was a very effective way to bring attention to the need to for more funding and research for women (and men!) everywhere who are battling this horrible disease. Hugs to you, girl!

      • Get that mammogram done, Joell! They aren’t fun, but they’re over in less than 10 minutes. That fake obit was tough for me, too. It made me cry when I answered the interview questions. But hopefully, if not our generation, then our children’s will see a cure for cancer.

        • I will get it done, I promise, Dyanne. I am not scared of it–it just hasn’t been on my radar because I’ve just been living life and doing the next thing, know what I mean? So, no more excuses!

          And, yes, my prayer is that there will be a cure and soon. 🙂

  3. Wonderful video!! As far as I can tell, you sound exactly like someone born and raised in Great Britain! Your daughter is fantastic fun, clearly, and your laugh is the best.
    I have a fun book club, too. I will not be suggesting the book you read when it is my turn to pick. Thanks for the heads-up. 🙂
    I was at a friend’s house leading a Confirmation group, and she had a bowl of candy corn mixed with peanuts. The boys went crazy over the combination, and my husband about lost his mind. I had no idea he liked that mix! I can’t make myself eat it. Candy corn is not my favorite.
    Great news about your SIL and the not striking the pedestrian.
    Have a great week!

    • My daughter cracks me up constantly. And laughter is most definitely my medicine. Lizzi said we did pretty well, except that we lapsed into something like South African sometimes! LOL. I reckon she would know! I told her she needed to do a tutorial for us. And that I’d do a tutorial on how to talk Southern American. Ha.

      Yeah, I do not recommend Dorian Gray, but I could recommend some others that were awesome! Just let me know when you are ready for your next one.

  4. candy corn! (I have not had any since…I was half this age, I do however, remember an odd term that I used in relation to this candy-form of candy, I used to say, ‘man! too much candy corn, I’ve got sugar burns.’ I vaguely recollect what I meant by that…but then again, I have not eaten a bag or two recently.
    Rare as the situations are when you can witness the ‘alternate reality’ what I read in your post about the accident-that-wasn’t, brings that feeling that goes with that experience, when you *know* how radically your life could have changed, but didn’t. yow a very humbling event, for sure.

    good to ‘see’ you at the TToT

    • Haha! Sugar burns! Yes! It makes total sense! You can only eat so much candy corn at one sitting, or you ge the sugar burn.

      The accident that wasn’t, was indeed very humbling. I was an emotional wreck afterward. A lesson learned, for sure.

  5. LOVE the list, especially pretending to be British. I have often asked my husband if he would start speaking with a British accent because it lends such an air of authenticity…like he really knows what he’s talking about.

    And I agree…Candy Corn with peanuts is one of the best things ever. Have you ever added M&M’s? I know I’m getting crazy here, but it is quite fabulous. But then, how often is something made worse by adding chocolate?

    And of course…wahoo for your SIL…that is beyond fantastic news! Oh, and not hitting a pedestrian. Always a thankful item for the list!

    Thanks for sharing your list. Have a fabulous week! 🙂

    • Nothing like a man with an accent, Kris!

      I think M&Ms are never wrong. Chocolate is never wrong. I did add some popcorn to the candy corn/peanut mix and it was quite tasty! I also added some chocolate chips to my granola! Highly recommend!

  6. So happy for your sister-in-law!

  7. OH WOW! I love, love, LOVE, LOVE THIS SO MUCH.

    You guys did brilliantly…sometimes. There were a few words which came out beautifully English, and then a whole load which were far more Sath Efrican, which I bet you didn’t know you could pull off!

    But it’s cool, cos when I try for a Scottish accent, I totally end up in Welsh, so there’s a kind of transmutability between similar accents which somehow just happens.

    Anyway, I ADORE that y’all did this 😀

    So pleased to hear that your Sister-in-Law got the all clear! What a massive, massive relief.

    And not killing dumb pedestrians is always a great thing.

    Also, found candy corn yesterday in a new shop in town. No peanuts. £5. Which is about $10. So NO WAY! But it does sound good.

    • Ahhh! Thanks for the feedback! So, what you’re saying is, we should find ourselves a How to speak English tutorial, eh? LOL. Although, just as in the US, I am sure there are many regional dialects. As we said, we don’t actually know any Brits in real life…hey, maybe you could do a tutorial for us? I would totally do a Southern tutorial for you…started to do a follow up video anyway just so you know what we really sound like, but Emma was living in her denial world and wouldn’t play along! LOL. Anyway, it was fun. Who knew I could do Sath Efrican?? Excellent!

      Girl, there is NO WAY I’d pay $10 for candy corn…no matter how bad of a hankering I had! LOL! You did the right thing! What I got was about $3, I think. And I am still enjoying it, since nobody else in my family is a fan of candy corn…even in the fall. 🙂

      Hope you have an amazing week!

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