Better late, than never.

I am late this week to the Ten Things of Thankful party. And last weekend, I missed the party altogether! I missed y’all! There have been ups and downs this week, and to be honest I am the person who really tries to see the silver linings and put on a happy face. But then busy-ness and sickness and crazy people enter the picture, and dang it!, that has a way of interfering with my happy face plan! So I am happy to share with you some of my happy face moments from this week!

1. I know I keep bragging about my boy child, but daggone it!, I think it is deserved! He has earned some more fine grades in his classes! I can tell he is proud of himself. And we are proud too. He really has gotten the hang of this college boy thing and it is awesome to see him taking responsibility and doing what needs to be done for his classes.

2. I am so thankful that my daughter has her best friend. She is blessed to have her friend Harper, who is a such a sweet and loyal young lady. A positive and encouraging friend. I call her my bonus child. They are good for each other and I know there are a lot of parents who worry about the friend choices that their children make. We are blessed.

3. I have been loving the online book discussion I have been participating in for the last few weeks with my bloggy friend, Sarah, who is also an “in real life” friend. The book is The Fire of Delayed Answers by Bob Sorge. The book is about how God uses that time in the trials of our lives—that time when He seems to be delaying His answers to us—to help refine us. It has been so good to me and I am getting so much out of it and also reading the responses of others has been such a blessing. I encourage you to check in here on Wednesdays to be a part.

4. I had a couple of days this week when I wasn’t feeling so hot—just the general allergy induced crud, I think—and one of those evenings, the Hubs called me before he left work and said he would stop on his way home and pick up dinner for us all. I really appreciated it and was glad not to cook. He is a sweet fella.

5. And even though I had those few days where I felt kinda icky, I still managed to get to the gym for my dance fitness class three times this week. Basically, right now, it is only keeping me from getting fatter, because I have to be honest and say that my eating habits have really stunk of late. Still, I enjoy the classes so much. It is a lot of fun.

6. I am also thankful for my tea. I used to really love my coffee…and don’t get me wrong…I still do, but for several months, I have been on a tea kick. I think it’s that whole Downton Abbey thing and the desire of my daughter and me to actually be British. I don’t know. But in the mornings, I put the kettle on and fix myself up a cup, sometimes a pot! Something about the whole process is just so comforting.

7. And on that note, let me just say that I love when Emma and I talk in British accents. I am sure they are horrid, but it is fun and we do crack ourselves up. We envision ourselves at Downton Abbey, as Violet, the Dowager Countess and Mrs. Patmore. I am definitely a downstairs kind of person—Mrs. Patmore is me. HA! Emma’s whole Brit obsession began with Harry Potter, I am pretty sure. We do love us some HP. And now we love Downton, so we continue to pretend to be Brits. Oh, we have been known to do it in public too. I am working on Emma, because I don’t think she could truly embrace the British culture until she totally embraces the whole tea thing. So I keep on trying to encourage her to love the hot tea. I know what you’re saying—Isn’t sweet tea a big thing where you live? Yes, as Southerners, we drink lots of tea, but it is mostly iced and really sweet. She struggles with the whole hot tea, with cream and sugar, thing. I’m not giving up!

8. Emma was feeling a bit poorly this week as well. She stayed home from school on Thursday. I think she is just overtired  and run down because she is working so hard on her school work, most especially her AP European History class, which is kicking her butt. Her take is this: History already happened, why do I need to care? I know, not a great take, but she does work hard in there and gives her best, even though history is her least favorite subject. Emma is my art-y child. She would much rather study that—which is okay by me, but we just have to get through some other things too. I am so thankful for the enjoyment she gets out of her drawing. This is what she did on her sick day:

Ariel, Disney's Little Mermaid - by Emma

I know I am biased, but I think she is pretty darn talented. She drew this, just by looking at a picture. And this photo of her drawing doesn’t nearly do it justice. She blows me away.

9. I have pretty much turned off my TV during whole government shutdown ridiculousness that is happening in Washington right now. Especially during the day and during any time I knew there would be news casts on. And I avoid the all-news-all-the-time channels for the most part anyway. I have enjoyed not listening to all the bickering and the lack of thought about what really matters by our elected officials and all the analysis by the talking heads and all the blah blah blah. Haven’t missed it. Give me Duck Dynasty and Parenthood any day. And I’m Happy, Happy, Happy!

10. I was about to bag the TToT for this week, because I thought…oooh, it’s already later Sunday afternoon. I was thinking I would get to it, but now it’s just late. I’ll just forget about it. Then, I saw Lizzi’s shout out on The Twittah. And I said, awww, how sweet! I need to do it and Lizzi missed me! Winking smile So, thanks! I am thankful for you and for caring enough to miss me! Smile


On Saturdays (usually—I realize today is Sunday! Ha!) I link up with the Ten Things of Thankful Blog Hop to celebrate all the things I am feeling especially thankful for this week. You can join in the gratitude at Lizzi’s blog—Considerings.

Ten Things of Thankful


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18 responses to “Better late, than never.

  1. Zoe

    just finishing my TToT rounds tonight.. re #7… my kiddo and I would spend whole days on “funny accent day” no matter where we are we have to use the chosen accent… we still do this silly thing… he is 25 now! His wife looks at us like she doesn’t know us!

  2. Congrats on your son’s grades! My youngest son is also doing well in college, after not completely applying himself in high school. The difference, according to him? College costs money!

    Maybe your daughter’s class just needs to incorporate art history a bit–then she would enjoy it more.

  3. My word, I hear about Downtown Abbey all over the place! For the longest time I thought it must be on HBO or some other channel we don’t have. When I finally heard it was on PBS, I was shocked! That doesn’t sound anything like Nova! I thought for sure they only showed kids’ shows and Nova. 🙂 So, I have until January 5 to watch all past episodes? I don’t even know where to get them, seeing as how we don’t have Netflix, either…
    I can’t tell you how much hope you give me when I read about your lovely boy doing well in college. Mine is only a freshman in high school, and he is making me crazy with the lack of hop-to-itness. It will come. Someday. If we all make it that long.
    Your daughter is very talented. It’s not just you and your bias thinking so. As for history, I was the same way in school. Hated it. Now, I love it. I just needed to get away from the books and into actual places from history.
    So, so glad you linked up this week. I always enjoy your thankful lists.

    • Girl! You need to get with it! You can watch all three seasons on Amazon. If you are an Amazon Prime member, it is free to watch. I don’t have Netflix, but you could check there. Hulu Plus has seasons 1 and 2 only. OR maybe you have a friend who has them on dvd and would do a sister a solid?? Trust me, you will be hooked! Hooked, I tell you!

  4. I am delighted you decided to join us this week, Joell! Always love your list for TToT.
    1. I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND THIS! And that is something to be proud of (excuse the preposition). You wonder if they’ll be able to handle classes and studying without a parental finger at their back, and THEY DO!
    5. I sometimes think we are sisters from another mother.
    7. We are not into Downton Abbey, but my daughter and I did spend an entire meal in a restaurant speaking in nothing but American Sign Language to each other. We were quite tickled with ourselves for how well we communicated with each other.
    8. Oh dear, our Emmas are too much alike! Except mine is not the talented artist that yours is! (She is not without talent, just not in the area of art!)
    9. Just a bunch of big ol’ babies.

  5. glad you did come along this week! (partly ’cause I went on ‘the Facebook’ and said to ‘everyone’*…this TToT is so cool and it is a genuine 2 day affair so come early, come late…there is something happening right up ti; midnight Sunday.

    enjoy your list this week! glad you’re feeling better

    *meaning, of course, anyone who happened to read my post of the the link to the TToT

    • I love that you put a “the” in front of Facebook!! 🙂 In addition to The Facebook, or as I sometimes call it–the book of faces–there is also The Walmart, The Twitter, and The Target!

      Thanks for your comment, Clark! 🙂

  6. I am blown away. That drawing is EXCELLENT!!!! I haven’t turned on the television much either. Sigh – nuff said on that. And I watched all three seasons of Downton Abbey this summer in one week. Mom was doing the same thing. So we would call each other with our accents. The tea thing didn’t rub off on me though 😉 Something new was in the air this week. I wasn’t affected but my husband and son were. Cheers to having a wonderful week – fall is coming for real this time!

  7. This is such a great list. I just added ‘be grateful’ to the habits I”m cultivating (one a month, piled upon each other). This makes for habit #10. I’m loving it. It helps me to live in the present and appreciate the little things.

  8. I did, it’s true. I always enjoy reading your lists 🙂

    Glad your boy’s making such headway, and well done you for your awesome supporting role in that.

    Your daughter has SOME TALENT! WOW! I’m not surprised you were blown away! *I’M* blown away. That. Is. Incredible. Definitely a skill to nurture there. If she can draw like that when she’s sick, well…!

    Also, laughing SO HARD by the way, at the idea of you both doing your British accents and pretending to be in Downton Abbey. Pretty please can we have a video of it? Puh-leeeeeeeeeeease? Sounds hilarious.

    I’ll just drop in right here that we in England are three episodes into the new series and OH. EM. GEE! It is FABULOUS, darling! There was just an absolutely HUGE plot hook tonight and I am on tenterhooks for next week! Ohhh gosh!

    Hope you all heal quickly and get back on form. Thanks for posting this in spite of thinking you’d bail 😉

    • I am counting down to January 5, Lizzi! That is when Downton premieres in the US. I am so jealous that y’all get it first!! It is only fair though, I suppose! So excited for the new season. Still sad about Matthew, but I have no doubt there will be new love for Mary this season! But don’t tell me!! LOL!

      Hmm, a video of Em and me and our fake British accents?? Could be a possibility! We’ll work on it. And I know it would crack you up, because we crack ourselves up. You can critique us and give us some tips to improve them! HA!!

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