This week’s top ten.

Thankfulness abounds! Here are this week’s top ten!

1. Another year of life! Today is my birthday! Woot! And I don’t mind telling you that today I am 44. Double fours, baby. Proud to say it—wrinkles, bingo wings, stray hairs and all!

2. An afternoon this week to sit outside and work on writing, studying and breathing in the fresh air while Jacob is in his classes.

3. A rare moment of school celebration from Emma. She doesn’t get too stoked about things…compared to me, Miss I’m-so-excited-and-I-just-can’t-hide-it, anyway. She was very happy about success on a test in a class she is finding to be a challenge! I was happy for her!

4. I met the mom of the young man I wrote about recently who was bullied! I basically tackled her, er, grabbed her arm as she was leaving church last Sunday. I was not going to let another opportunity pass by without meeting her. I really enjoyed chatting with her and meeting Alex as well (who is such a cool kid!). I had another opportunity to visit with her this week and am glad to say I count her among my new friends. We share similar experiences with our boys, which is great, and finding people who share common ground is always so awesome.

My adorable parents5. My awesome parents have been blessed this week to be in Hawaii!!! Hawaii, y’all! Thanks to the generosity of some friends of theirs, they have been having some much needed time together, relaxing and having some fun. They deserve it!

6. Laughing with my family this week. One night this week the movie The Dark Knight was on TV. We were all watching it and fascinated, okay, weirded out, by Christian Bale’s voice. If you’ve seen it, then you know what I mean. If you haven’t then, consult the following example, starting about about the 3:05 mark:


What’s up with Batman’s voice??


Anyway, Emma said, “What is up with his voice?? It’s so weird!” Hubby and I heartily concurred. Jacob, in his deadpan way, said, “His dad fed him a bag of rocks every night for dinner.”

We all just cracked up.

7. Snail mail. Yes, people actually send cards and letters these days. I was so blessed by the sweet birthday cards I received this week. I am a big believer in Birth-weeks versus Birth-days. I am all about extending the celebration all week! I love when I get belated wishes…it just means I get to celebrate longer.

8. My students in my co-op classes. Classes started at our co-op last week and those kids are just so gosh darn adorable. They are so smart and funny…some are high energy, but, hey, I can handle it. They are so fun and make me smile. My elementary zoology class is learning about land animals and this week I had my students draw their favorite animal. One kid drew an elephant. Another drew a camel. Another a horse. Instead of drawing an animal, one kid wrote me a note about how she wanted to me to go watch the Coldplay Vevo video for Paradise on youtube, which, of course, I did. “It is not fanmade, I swear,” she said. She is very serious about her videos, apparently. Anyway, she is adorable. Here is the video for your enjoyment:



9. New recipes that are a winner. I get tired of cooking the same stuff over and over and so occasionally I like to branch out and try something new. I tried a chicken recipe off the back of the Lipton soup mix box this week and everybody liked it. Score!

10. Phone calls with the fam. Had a lovely chat with both my younger brother and my sister-in-law (wife of the older bro) this past week. Our lives are busy and don’t lend themselves to lengthy phone chats very often. It is good to be able to catch up.


On Saturdays I link up with the Ten Things of Thankful Blog Hop to celebrate all the things I am feeling especially thankful for this week. You can join in the gratitude at Lizzi’s blog—Considerings.

Ten Things of Thankful


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26 responses to “This week’s top ten.

  1. Happy birthday, Joell! Mine was earlier this month, and I dragged it out for three weeks. Keep the celebration going!

    Great list, with your mix of family and food and school. And Cold Play. Love me some Cold Play.

    • Three weeks!! I love it! Milk it, girl!

      The little girl who was digging on the Coldplay and wanted me to see the Paradise video is like 8 or 9…so funny! She was right–it is a fun video!

  2. First off, Happy Birthday to you and loved how you are so proud of the 44!! And does sound like you have a lot to be thankful for. You totally made me giggle about Christian Bale’s voice and so true though. And I too love new recipes. Nothing like getting to try something new that ends up working out to be a new favorite!! 🙂

    • Thanks so much for the b-day wishes…I decided a long time ago–mmm like when I turned 30–that I would embrace my age. I mean, why hide it…eventually it tells on you anyway, right? LOL.

  3. Hey hey hay Joell! Happy, happy birthday. Mine was in August (was 45 and trust me that double 4s is so much cooler). I hope your day, your week, your month and your year after 44 is perfect and awesome. Cheers to laughter with your family as well. Nothing better, really…

    • Hey girl! Thank you for the bday wishes! And a Happy 45 to you! 😉

      Nothing better than laughter is exactly right! It hasn’t always been that way, as my sweet son used to struggle so much with noise sensory issues–especially loud laughter! And to have it flow to freely in our home is a beautiful thing…maybe that is why I am so grateful for it.

  4. Happy (belated) birthday!

  5. Happy, happy birthday weekend!! Too bad you weren’t celebrating in Hawaii too!

  6. It’s awesome to hear someone be happy for the little things, I love your blog!

  7. Happy Birthweek!!! (so glad you like a week, seeing as how I’m just reading this today.)
    It sounds like you have had a fantastic week, and I’m so happy for you.
    I have to tell you, Christmastime is one of my favorites, mostly because it means I get actual mail in my mailbox on a daily basis.

    • Snail mail is awesome!! 🙂 My sweet mother-in-law sends us a handwritten note (with a little money in it for the kids) almost every week and we really look forward to it.

  8. A lovely list, with some special family time, which is always a bonus 🙂

    I know what you mean about the voice – he does sound as though he’s been chewing rocks for a week, doesn’t he? Lol

  9. Happy birthday!! What a lovely, warm and appreciative list 🙂 Congratulations to Emma on her successful test paper! I love the photo of your parents and I agree, finding people who share common ground is such a awesome feeling 🙂

  10. HP, yo. every birthday that you enjoy is a good day!*
    Sounds like an active and productive week for you.. it is all that one needs, I suspect. and this blog is do good because we get to hear about and share in the good things (that happen to people).

    *no, I have no idea what that means… sounded good in my head.

  11. Ohhh HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And Hawaii! WOW! You’re having a blast 🙂 What a wonderful list of things to be thankful for.

    I’m really glad you got to meet up and chat with Alex’s mum, and give her that feedback. You’re a great person, and I hope that life gets a bit easier for Alex at school as a result of the shared information.

    YAY! For snail mail and cards and phonecalls with family.

    Have a ‘Happy Birthday’ song on me 🙂

    • Thanks for the birthday wishes, Lizzi! My parents called me from Hawaii today and they are exhausted, but have had a great time. They head back home tomorrow.

      LOVED the happy birthday song! 🙂

  12. isn’t his voice like that because the air is being choked out of him? or maybe his mother fed him rocks!?

  13. Sounds pretty dang good! The co-op kids sound like they’re truly a blast.

    • The co-op kids are really awesome! Jacob helps me in my classes, since he graduated last year and doesn’t have any classes on Thursdays. The kids love him and think he is hilarious.

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