Hair with a mind of its own in the mornings—especially those unruly grays.

Horses that roam the coastal islands of my fair home state—oblivious to the cares of life.

Summer storms that rage outside with thunder that shakes my windows and lightning that flashes angrily across the sky.130

Weeds masquerading as flowers in my unkempt garden.

Wal-Mart shoppers with their overflowing carts impatiently waiting in the checkout line.

Jiffy, that silly pup, dashing erratically around the backyard, sure she smells something interesting and intent on capturing it and sufficiently rolling around on it.

My heart as it races for joy at good news. “Healed”, the doctor said.

My praises as I send them up to God. Rejoicing wildly with heart-bursting gratitude.



This is my offering for Two Shoes Tuesday. Each week, Josie gives two word prompts to choose from and you must include one or both of them  in an original essay, poem or story. You can use them as a theme or the words themselves. This week’s words were creature and wild.

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18 responses to “Wild

  1. Jim

    🙂 I’ll rejoice wildly with you, Joell. Isn’t it nice when (and if) a medical condition is corrected!! I”ve been there quite a few times and several of them I could be dead now if it weren’t for modern medicine.

    I was expecting for you to say that you believed the whole world had gone wild with all of the situations you mentioned.

    Thanks for going along with me on our boat ride in the park. The GD liked it very much, it was one of her big days. Before we left (she is barely four) she said, “Papa please don’t run into any trees.” I asked her if she’d run into any trees with her scooter and she had. So then she thought it wouldn’t ruin all if we hit a tree. But we didn’t. She couldn’t reach the pedals but she knew how to steer. No trees for her either.

    • Ha! Sometimes it seems the whole world has gone wild, for sure!

      Kids are so funny, the things they say! So sweet that you got to spend such a special day with your granddaughter!

  2. Things big and small around us are some of the sources of our joy in life ;o)

  3. We should all look around us and see and hear laughter and joy aplenty all around us. What a great post this was to read.

  4. You’ve much to be thankful for.

    Have a terrific day. 🙂

  5. So many wonderful, wild things. I especially like the first one (my kids get some outrageous bedhead, and I love it!) and the last one. Sometimes, I just don’t know how to contain the gratitude I feel.

  6. This is just beautiful! You wove together a delightful combination of wild things that left me smiling, especially with that triumphant ending! Like you, gratitude is my attitude these days, and it makes all of the difference! I am so pleased that you’ve come to join us for Two Shoes Tuesday with this truly awesome contribution, thank you for sharing it with us, it made my day!

  7. What a very joyous poem. I could imagine each thing you wrote about, each moment of joy.

  8. Well done and peppy. Amen to the good news!

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