Ten Things

Today I am connecting with the Ten Things of Thankful Blog Hop to celebrate all the things I am feeling especially thankful for this week. Why wait until November for the 30 days of thankfulness to focus on gratitude, right?

I am thankful for…

…long weekends.

We are all celebrating around here. Labor Day weekend is here! No school on Monday? Wooty-woot! No work on Monday? Heck, yeah! Good times around here—to just relax and hang out as a fam. Love!

…kitchen dancing.

This is a regular occurrence around here. Jamming out in the kitchen with the kids to certain songs which may or may not include Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen, Fire Burning by Sean Kingston and anything by TobyMac. Said dancing also is accompanied by (fabulous) singing and/or highly over-dramatized lip-synching. Emma laughs slash mocks my awesome dance moves. She’s just jealous.

…college success.

So far, so good for Jacob at his classes this week. He is happy. He is taking initiative. He is becoming. There are no words that could adequately capture the extent of my gratitude.

…surgery success.

The Hubs had sinus surgery last Friday and his recovery has been so speedy and he has experienced so little pain. That hasn’t stopped him from being incredibly needy, however, and voicing many requests that have begun oh-so-kindly with the words, “Sweetie, can you get me…” Oh, don’t worry, I have obliged him plenty. Winking smile I am just so glad he is doing well!

…the sounds of my house.

Emma snoozing away on the couch. Lubie tweeting happily in his cage. Jacob tapping away on the computer keyboard. Jiffy snoring. Hubby snoring. Wait, there seems to be a lot of snoring…But when there is not snoring, there is singing and laughter and lots of it.

…operational vehicles.

Lately we’ve had a string of car repairs on both vehicles,which brings much frustration and financial pain. I should say here that Hubby drives a 1995 Toyota Camry with 260,000 miles on it—that is no typo. Honestly, we are grateful that it still runs at all. I have totally considered trying to hit Toyota up to do some sort of promo for them about the endurance of their vehicles, in the hopes that they would give us a new car as a reward. Whaddya think?? I don’t know… But anyway, for this week, all is well in the car department and I am grateful. Hollaaa!

…my crock pot.

I know it probably seems silly, but I am thankful for the ease and convenience this has offered me this week! With all the activities of the fall kicking off here in the last couple of weeks, I rely on my trusty crock pot to make dinner time easier. And it does. 


The support and prayers of my closest girlfriends this week…and always…has been amazing. The assurance of knowing that at any time I can text or call them and they will be there, with humor, honesty, encouragement and prayers for me, is such a comfort.


This is my super fun dance fitness class I take at my gym. I went this morning, and it makes me sweat—and probably stink—like a deodorant-less teenage boy, but it is a blast! The great thing about it though, is that I feel like I have just gone out dancing for an hour instead of working out. I just love that! And the mental health benefits are also a plus. Highly recommend.

…phone convos with Mama.

I love my mama. She is the absolute best, and even though it would appear to most people who know my family that my daddy is the glue, Mama is. She is the glue and backbone and without her, our family would be, well, unglued. Loved being able to have such a great chat with her this week.

What are you thankful for this week?

“The unthankful heart… discovers no mercies; but let the thankful heart sweep through the day and, as the magnet finds the iron, so it will find, in every hour, some heavenly blessings!”  ~Henry Ward Beecher

Ten Things of Thankful


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24 responses to “Ten Things

  1. First – thank you so much for visiting my blog from this blog hop – I’m only now getting to comments because eh…life gets busy, haha.
    But I love your list and I’m thrilled about all the wonderful things you mentioned! Have a wonderful day.

    • Thanks so much for coming by! Life does get so crazy sometimes and I still was not able to get to read everyone’s Ten Things posts last weekend! Thanks for your comment! 🙂

  2. I love your list… down home, real, beautiful, and fun! Had to chuckle at hubby’s recovery needs… ahh yes, at such times men do indeed revert to being little boys needing lots of TLC! 🙂 It sounds like you have a happy household where singing and dancing are the norm, you are so very blessed! I hope you’ve endjoyed the long weekend, I know we have! Short week coming up… that’s another blessing for the list!

    • Thank you so much for your sweet words!

      My man is a sweetie and you are right…there is something that happens when they are sick or recovering from surgery that turns men into boys again! But, hey, I knew what I was signing up for! Haha! I am incredibly blessed.

      Great, relaxing weekend here! And the short week will probably be numero uno on my TToT list next weekend! Haha! 🙂

      Thanks so much for coming by!

  3. Kitchen dance parties are my favorite!!!! And so sad that the long weekend is over now 😦

  4. Surgery success? That sounds like a huge thanks!

    And as another mom of college kids, I can relate to the joy of college success. Hope the rest of the semester goes as smoothly!

  5. hey Welcome to the TToT… it is always fun to see new writers arrive and the Posts they bring… very cool list!

    I liked the one about sounds of the house… nice concept

    as bloghops go this is exceptional… pretty much ’cause of the people who hang out here, Lizzi has started a pretty exceptional thing and with the likes of Christine and Dyanne and Kristi cavorting through the posts there’s no telling what might happen!

  6. What a gorgeous list. Bohemian Rhapsody is one of my all time favorites and the very first song that Tucker ever bopped his head to as his little baby self. Aw! Congrats on hub’s surgery going well – I’ve heard sinus surgery is really painful. Oh and I suck at my crockpot. I don’t think mine likes me very much any longer. He’s been neglected.

    • We do love some Queen around here! I love that Tucker loves Bohemian Rhapsody! Can’t help but think of Wayne’s World every time I hear it. LOL! Like I replied to Christine… crockingirls.com. Recipes galore.

  7. Ack! Reading about all the great things you and Dyanne do with your crockpots makes me mad at myself for not getting mine out of the cupboard more than once every six months. I need some recipes for it, I guess. I tried to cook a chicken in it once (when our kitchen was torn out to the studs and beyond) and it stunk up the whole house. Didn’t taste very good either. I have no idea what I did wrong. And really? A frozen pot roast??

    I thoroughly enjoyed your first list with us. So many good things. We haven’t danced around the house in a while. I think I’m going to have to ban headphones in our house so we can all enjoy the same music at the same time.

    I’m with you on the childbirth pain scale. I am probably not as sympathetic as I should be, but sometimes, husbands are just wimps. 🙂

    Have a great weekend!

  8. Fantastic list, Joell! I just took a peek at your “About Me” page. Our kids are the exact same sex and age, including our daughters’ names! I have a niece with Asperger’s, and she just started her sophomore year in college, something her parents weren’t sure would happen.

    Operational vehicles is not something to take for granted! We drive old cars, too. My husband bought a Powerball ticket the other day, and he said, “If we win, we’re leaving the cars where they are and walking away from them.” Since we didn’t win, we’re still driving them.

    I also love my crockpot. Did you know you can put a whole, frozen chicken in it in the morning, season it, and leave it on all day and it’s D.O.N.E. in the afternoon? How cool is that?

    I love conversations with my friends and with my mom, too.

    So happy you joined us this week!

    • That is so cool about our kids! I also looked at your about me page, and the pic of your kids on their phones cracked me up!!

      Like your niece’s parents…we were not sure Jacob either would go to college either. He has come so far. What a blessing it has been to watch it all unfold!

      I put a frozen pot roast in the crock pot last week…with veggies, a packet of Lipton soup mix and a box of beef broth and BAM! Behold, a delicious dinner! The crock pot is our friend! Might try a chicken this week!

  9. I’ve done lots of kitchen dancing in my days. LOL didn’t know it was so popular.

  10. Joell, you seem to be a really enthusiastic person! I love the ‘tone’ of your writing.

    This is a smashing list. Kitchen Dancing in particular! I’m currently without a stereo, but believe me, when I get one, I’ll be back into it as soon as possible (probably to the detriment of my downstairs neighbours – I’m not a good dancer, but I do have fun)

    I’m glad that your husband’s surgery went well, and that you’re finding yourself able to help and support him without resenting it.

    And your Mama and your girlfriends sound like awesome people to have in your life.

    Thank you so much for sharing this gorgeous list with us 🙂

  11. When men get surgery, it just HURTS MORE than women. We’re very stoic through all that pain though. I think you should get him some ice cream.

    • Oh trust me, he asked for that too. And as far as the pain though…I have what I like to call the “childbirth pain scale”. If it hurts as much as childbirth, then okay. But if not, no whining allowed! LOL.

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