Regarding ferrets, Brad Pitt shrines, and Biology.

Back to school, back to school…

Yes, all the back to school hullaballoo makes me sing this song. In a full on Billy Madison voice. But here’s the real thing, for your enjoyment.

Back to school with Billy Madison

You’re welcome.

So, we are currently in day three, having successfully survived days one and two. Shwew! Emma has started her sophomore year, with a pretty intimidating schedule, I might add. Jacob begins classes next week at our local community college where he intends to pursue vast knowledge about computer programming.

Back to school is always an interesting time around our house. But I confess, this year, since Jacob has graduated and I am no longer teaching him and he isn’t going away to school, and there really wasn’t any school supply shopping because Emma was not required to procure any color-coded folders, the whole back to school thing was a little lack luster. There wasn’t any real build up, you know? It was just weird. Like some strange continuation of last year.

I am generally a highly emotional person, and yet, as I dropped Emma off on Monday, I felt a strange sense of calm as she got out of the car and we did our usual “love you, have a good day” thing—as if I had just done it the day before. It’s hard to explain—it is not that I don’t care, because I do. I just didn’t tear up and cry on the way home as would be the norm.

This is probably because last year was a huge year of transition, filled with emotions—Jacob’s senior year and Emma’s freshman year. So, basically, I was pretty much a weepy wreck for the whole school year. Perhaps I’m all cried out after that. Whatever. Don’t judge me.

But what about the ferrets and Brad Pitt?? Okay, okay! Hold on! I’m getting there!

I always love hearing about Emma’s day when I pick her up. Of course, some days she is more enthusiastic than others, but on Monday when she got in the car, she proceeded to go through each class and tell me if she knew anyone in there (which is, after all, extremely important!) and after that, she proceeded to go through each of her teachers and give me a bit of a description.

One teacher really made an impression.

Em: “My teachers this year are very…interesting.”

Me: “Interesting good? Or interesting bad?”

Em: “I’m not sure. Yet. Let’s just say that my Biology teacher introduced herself as psychotic. Psychotic. She used that word. AND she said she was un-medicated for it. She also has three pet ferrets that she brings to school every day and lets them ROAM AROUND FREE…And apparently they help sniff out drugs???

Me: “I had no idea that drug sniffing ferrets were even a thing… Interesting.”

Em: “And she said that when she gets too insane, her students tell her to hold her ferret, pet it and look to god, which is Brad Pitt to her. She has, like, this whole Brad Pitt SHRINE in her classroom! I’m serious!” (Stated complete with hand gesticulations)

Me: “BAHAHAHA!!! <snort> Pet her ferret and look to god? Brad Pitt? Hmm, wow. She must be about my age then if she’s into Brad. She really has a shrine, eh? Hmm. Gotta make sure we go by her classroom and meet her at the Open House next week. Can’t wait to get a gander at this lady.”

Em: “Mom! She is INSANE! But she is hilarious.”

In this day and age, I think some teachers go to the extreme to gain their students attention and interest. And I am all for it!

If this psychotic, ferret loving, Brad Pitt worshipping teacher can get my kid excited about Biology, she has my full respect.

And when Emma is as old as I am, she will look at her daughter who is embarking on her 10th grade year, and say, I had the coolest, craziest, Biology teacher when I was your age…

“One looks back with appreciation to the brilliant teachers, but with gratitude to those who touched our human feelings.  The curriculum is so much necessary raw material, but warmth is the vital element for the growing plant and for the soul of the child.”  ~Carl Jung


Yes, I realize it’s Wednesday, but I am linking this up with Tell Us Tuesday. Go check it out!Much Ado About Somethin


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10 responses to “Regarding ferrets, Brad Pitt shrines, and Biology.

  1. Oh my word – thank you so much for advertising Tell Us Tuesday for us, that’s awesome!! Come back every week and link up 🙂 Would you ever like to be a co-host?

    Teachers really do have to do a lot to keep kids attention these days, so it sounds like this crazy, psychotic biology teacher is on the right track 🙂

  2. bettydraper1947

    I miss those school days…the hectic time in Wal-Mart trying to spend as less money as I had to but wanting my kids to have what ever one else had.
    I found you through JasonS web site. You write well…love the description of the conversation between you and your daughter.

  3. Wow psychotic, ferret keepin, Pitt lover. Most interesting news my kids came home with was their teacher was getting divorced. I think we need to move to Charleston! So very glad your back!

  4. And I thought our kids’ computer teacher (who actually used to be a juggler in the circus, and is missing a thumb because she missed catching a machete) had a good story!
    I cried this year, seeing as I our oldest started high school, and the 5th started kindergarten. I’m a mess.

  5. Drug sniffing ferrets. Looking into that now….

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