Breakfast on the Crazy Train. Days 17 & 18

One of the things in life that I cherish and that just plain makes me happy is making breakfast with the family on the weekends.

Confession: I am not one of those mamas who gets up in the wee hours of the morning to prepare breakfast for my people every day. Sorry.

And even if I did, Emma would not eat it. She has never been much of a breakfast person first thing in the morning. And Clyn and Jacob get up at different times. So pretty much, the only one who would eat that weekday breakfast would be me, and frankly, I can survive on my morning tea or coffee and some nabs. I mean, let’s be for real.

Welcome to the crazy! With the addition of our friend, Sarah, photobombing in the background. Circa Nov. 2011.But on the weekends, it’s ON! I enjoy the breakfast-making and often everyone gets involved. The kids help make the cheese biscuits and scrambled eggs and bacon. Sometimes there is sausage, blueberry pancakes, cinnamon toast or sausage eggs. Nom nom!

The radio is on and frequently there is (bad) dancing and (decent) singing. Jiffy is under our feet snuffling around and hoping for some scraps. There is laughter and silliness and I just love it.

Now, if I could just get someone else to clean up the mess…

Weekend breakfasts rock.


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