Election Day Musings. Day 6

I had a hot date with my hubby this morning.

At the polls.

Yeah, it was pretty awesome!

election day'12 003

I love election day!

For a lot of reasons.

It means that all those awful political commercials will be OVER!

<Can I get a collective WOOT WOOT??!>

Those are just the worst. All the ick and the mudslinging and the arguing. It is ridiculous. Debates are over. Angry partisan posts from either side of the aisle on Facebook should die down over the next few days, although there are the crazies who post that kind of stuff all the time. You know who you are! Yeah, yeah, free speech. Okay.

Thankfully, we got rid of the landline in our house a couple of years ago, so I haven’t been getting any of those “helpful” political phone calls many of you may have been getting.

Personally, I don’t need any people out there trying to help me make my decision about the candidates. I am perfectly capable of doing my homework, examining my personal convictions, and coming to an educated decision all by myself! Thank you very much! For that matter, you are capable of the same thing and I do not see why beating you over the head with my choice of candidate is going to benefit anyone. It just causes angsty-ness and nobody likes angsty-ness.

I also love election day because I get to go to my polling place and stand in line. Yes, you read that correctly: I don’t mind standing in line. What kind of crazy talk is that, you ask?

Well, today, it afforded me an entire hour and a half with my man. So that is a big SCORE!

It also gives me the opportunity to make a new friend.

I am the person who talks to strangers in the post office line. In the grocery store line. In the voting line. Wherever. Yes, I am that person. I’m weird like that…just ask my kids.

But think about it. You never know what those other people are going through. Your smile and friendly words might be just what they need! I mean, who doesn’t like it when someone smiles at them and says hello?? I don’t know, maybe it’s just the Southerner in me. Or maybe I got an extra helping of my daddy’s DNA. Whichever. It is how I roll.

I am thankful to be able to go spend time with my sweetie and make a new friend. But maybe even more than that, I am thankful to be an American.

I am thankful to be an American with the right to vote. I am thankful for freedom.

I am forever grateful to the men and women who have fought and who continue to fight for that right and for all the freedoms we all have as Americans.

NOT going to vote today would be like spitting in their faces and saying “Your sacrifices don’t matter.” At least, that is how I see it.

And I’m not about to do that.

What I am about to do is enjoy the rest of the day and then sit back this evening with my family and watch the results roll in. And then watch all those news people analyze it all to death.

Regardless of the outcome, I know that God is still God and He is in control! And I know that I will continue to pray for this country and for our President, whoever he may be come tomorrow.

So y’all get out there and vote.

And make a new friend while you wait.

But perhaps don’t take with you a very large travel mug of Vanilla Almond hot tea and drink the whole thing, because you might find yourself in a pickle. Just a suggestion. Not that I would  have any personal experience with that or anything.


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8 responses to “Election Day Musings. Day 6

  1. Joell you don’t know it, so I’m going to tell you: we are best friends.
    Thanks for these words! They are refreshing!

  2. You are so right to be an ambassador fr Christ wherever you are. Keep up the good work my sister.

  3. I’m soooo ready for today to be over and all of those crazy commercials! Great post 🙂

  4. Literally LOL’d. Angsty-ness makes me…angsty. I am also “that” person. And I also have no experience with consuming large amounts of liquids while waiting in lines.

I always love hearing from you! :-)

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