Broken Fences

This morning, in this quietness while my kids are still sleeping, I am sitting here trying to start planning my elementary Zoology class that I am going to be teaching at the homeschool co-op in the fall (yes, already…I’ve never taught it, so I have to learn it first) and doing a little laundry. And in my ADD-ness, or multi-tasking, if you prefer, I felt I should also start this post.

Speaking of laundry, I wish I had a clothesline.

More and more, as I get older, I wish I lived out in the country—with a clothesline and lots of space between us and the next house. I have lived so long in the subdivisions where your neighbors live 3 feet away from you and it has gotten O.L.D., I tell you. It is great when you have just moved to a new town and your kids are small and you need them to meet some other kids. But now that they are older and I am getting less social in my old age, it doesn’t seem to matter so much. And frankly, I don’t enjoy the 6, yes, 6, children, all boys, from next door climbing my fence (okay, only 4 of them can currently climb the fence, but it won’t be long before the other ones can) and then hollering over it at Jacob every. day. And when they aren’t climbing on the fence, (which, I should point out, is a shared fence) they are destroying it by practicing their pitching with the fence as a backdrop. Or, lately, they are throwing dirt clods at the house. AT MY HOUSE. Oy. They say that good fences make great neighbors; clearly, I do not have a good fence. In fact, I am not sure there is a fence tall enough or sturdy enough in this case.

I give you Exhibit A:

busted fence 6-1-12 001

SIDEBAR: People, I am not making this stuff up. If you need background, I have posted about our neighbors before here and here. And I must say that the neighbors are not bad people, and I love big families, but these folks are just not too hip on supervising the activities of their children.

Ultimately, it is my yearning for simplicity, and maybe my hatred of HOAs, that is calling me to the country. To slow down. Be at one with nature and all that good stuff. If only we could find a place that has a grocery store nearby. Guess I’m kinda spoiled that way. Maybe I’m not truly ready for country life after all.


“Love your neighbor as yourself; but don’t take down the fence.” ~Carl Sandburg

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