30 Days of Thankfulness-Days 19, 20 and 21

So, in the immortal words of my friend Flylady, I am not behind! I am just jumping in where I am! I am still thankful and am working each day to be mindful of my many blessings!

Which, I would like to say, do NOT include mosquitoes. I am sorry, but I find it hard to be thankful for them or even understand their purpose upon this earth.  It is one of the questions I will ask God when I get to see Him one day. The only possible reason they exist is to be food for frogs or fish. That is all I can think of.  What brings on this rant? I saw some mosquitoes this morning, and I was quite confused by their presence.

Mosquitoes are evil!

MESSAGE TO MOSQUITOES: Hellooo, Mr. Mosquito (or Mrs.—how do you tell the gender of a mosquito?) Why are you still here?  It is the week of Thanksgiving, for turkey’s sake! I can understand that this erratic weather has you confused, because I am quite confused by it as well, but let me help you…it is time. to. DIE. Thank you ever so much. Buh-bye.

Now, then, back to our regularly scheduled thankfulness.

  • I am thankful for lazy weekends, filled with mind-numbing TV and hanging out with the fam. I needed to have been more productive, what with the whole holiday coming later this week and all. Just could. not. make myself do much. I will pay for it later, but it was good while it lasted.
  • I am thankful for lovely weather, even though it seems a bit weird for this time of year.
  • I am thankful for the short week of school and a few days ahead to relax and enjoy time with our folks.
  • I am thankful that I do not have to deal with the public school regarding the education and care of my son anymore. I was reading the blog of another autism mom today who is having a not so great experience with her son’s school right now and though my heart aches for her and for her son, I found myself feeling great relief that we are not having to deal with IEP meetings. I now feel guilty for feeling that way. SIGH.
  • I am thankful that Emma has the good sense to know when she has seen a good movie vs. a bad one. Her Twi-hard friend dragged her to go see the new Twilight movie this weekend.  Upon her arrival at home, I asked her how it was. Her response: Terrible. Even her Twi-hard friend agreed. A friend of mine sent me this review from NPR.  I think you will agree it is both hilarious and disturbing. But I’ll leave you to judge for yourselves.

And with that, I bid you all a good (thankful) day!


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2 responses to “30 Days of Thankfulness-Days 19, 20 and 21

  1. You needed to be more productive this past weekend? Nonsense. There will be plenty of time to be productive in the weekends to come. You need rest and mindless tv and family time.

    funny story: my daughter claims to love the twilight movies–yet she’s never watched one more than once. How come she’s seen the Wedding Singer 50thousand times?

    • Thanks from setting me free from the self-imposed guilt trip! ‘Preciate it.

      As for why Cheyenne loves the Wedding Singer…A. Um, It’s AWESOME! and B. Two Words–80s Music. and C. Two More Words–Adam Sandler! and D. Twilight is crap. LOL.

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