30 Days of Thankfulness-Day 11 or Don’t Cry Over Spilt Coffee.

11-11-11  <——Weird, huh? 

Not only is it Veteran’s Day, but it is also a date when a lot of couples are choosing to have their weddings and a date when people are hoping their babies will be born so they can have a cool anniversary or birthday.

I agree. I think it’s pretty cool. So, rock on!

  • Today, I am thankful for all the men and women who have served and still serve our country.

How do you adequately express thanks to people who have put their lives in harm’s way so that our country can enjoy the freedom we have?  It seems trite to just say, Thank you! Because I can not truly comprehend what it takes for someone to do what they do—knowing that they could lose their lives in the process.  For the courage and bravery of our US Military Forces, past and present, I am deeply grateful.

  • On a lighter note, I am so thankful for humor and the ability to laugh at myself and not take myself so seriously.

I am pretty sure that I haven’t always been able to laugh at myself…as an insecure teen, I spent a lot of time worrying about what other people thought of me. Now, I pretty much don’t care.

I have accepted the fact that I am a goober and a spazz and everyone else will just have to deal with that as best they can.

Case in point:

Total fail at McDonald’s this morning. 

Emma and I stopped by our local (very crowded) Mackey D’s for some breakfast after her early morning orthopedist appointment (which was fine) and before I took her to school.

Emma is ahead of me, walking toward the table. I am carrying our tray of biscuits, hash browns and coffee/hot chocolate when BAM! I trip over one of those (big as life, unless you are carrying a tray and not paying attention to where you are going) yellow “Caution: Wet Floor” cones. You know the ones.

Suddenly, it was like I was in a slow motion dream, watching stuff flying off the tray, my eyes wide and mouth agape. Emma whipping her head around to look, her hair all a-swirl. Oh, the humanity!

Here is the irony: the floor was no longer wet at the location of said cone…except, oh yeah,  NOW IT IS because I have spilled my entire coffee and half of Emma’s hot chocolate on that very spot! One of the hashies went down too…along with two of those little containers of ketchup. SPLAT! It was a sight!

We could NOT. stop. laughing!

Spastically, I am cracking up and trying to mop up the mess with a mess of napkins and everybody is looking, though they are trying to appear as though they are not looking.

Then comes the lady with the actual mop to the rescue. Lucky for her the “wet floor” cones were already in place, conveniently, so SCORE for her on that account.

Oh. man.

On the plus side, it was only the tray and its contents that went down and not ME. So, no injuries were incurred. Shwew! And, I entertained some elderly veterans and a few stray preschoolers. So, hey, it was a successful outing, I’d say.

I aim to please. <tips hat> I’ll be here all week.



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6 responses to “30 Days of Thankfulness-Day 11 or Don’t Cry Over Spilt Coffee.

  1. Lisa Poythress

    I LOVE your writing! You are such an excellent writer! I felt like I was there watching the whole thing myself! Love you! Glad you didn’t get hurt! ❤

  2. Oh my gosh, kudos to you because I just do not know if I’d be able to laugh at myself. I’d probably cry. Because that was a sad waste of coffee right there.
    Sidenote: I am loving your thankful posts.

  3. This SO sounds like something I would do! Or actually, did. Chick-Fil-A. Several years ago now. ALL of the food/drink on the tray was a loss, but CFA replaced it all for free! Yay, Chick-a-lay! :o)

    • It is not the first time this has happened to me…actually the first time was when I was waitressing and I TOTALLY wiped out in front of the ice machine in front of a restaurant full of customers. Busted my behind! LOL!

      And you know I do love me some Chick-a-lay, girl!!

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