30 Days of Thankfulness-Day 4

“Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life”.  ~Berthold Auerbach

  • I am so thankful for MUSIC!
  • I am thankful for radios and singing and dancing in the kitchen with the fam!

God really knew what He was doing when He created music! To me, this is one His best ideas! I have mentioned on multiple occasions here at RVR my love of music and my subsequent LCD (AKA Lyric Compulsive Disorder). I really love music.  I enjoy most varieties, with the exceptions of Metal, mmm, and probably Classical.  Yeah, I used to listen to the “hair glam” rock bands of the 80s a little. I mean, what with all their hair and makeup awesomeness, you’ve gotta admit, it was pretty irresistible. But I was never a fan of the hard stuff.  And Classical is good…um, if you’re an insomniac!

Give me your R&B, Soul, Gospel, Southern Rock, Oldies, 80s—even the cheesy 80s, Country, Christian, Rock N Roll or whatever. It does not matter.  I am a fan of it all to some degree.

Music is like a balm to me; it makes me feel all warm inside!  When I am happy, I listen to music. When I am sad, I listen to music. When I am driving in the car, I gotta have my music.  Walking the dog—music.  In the kitchen—music.  You get the picture.

I associate a lot of things with music. Most anything I see, hear, experience, makes me think of a song.  Go ahead—try me.  I love to sing—too loudly, according to the Hubby. Often, I will sing it out, right where I am, much to the embarrassment of my family.  Sorry, people, it is just something that cannot be helped!!

I am the person you see at the stop light rocking it out to “Can’t Touch This” blasting on the radio. That’s right! And I do love to bust a move when a favorite tune comes on the radio or the pod.  And when I can do both—sing and dance—either right by myself or with my fam, it is even more awesome! If I can milk some child embarrassment out of it, well, all the better, my friends! Bonus! Muahahahaha!

Until tomorrow—Be thankful!

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  1. LOL! I’m with you, my friend! Crank it up and dance on!

I always love hearing from you! :-)

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