30 Days of Thankfulness-Day 2

Sweetie, Hubby, The Hub.

He is known by many names to me, but my husband is a true gift.

  • I am so thankful to have a good man who loves me, who loves our kids, who works so hard and is so faithful.

I met Clyn when I was 13 and he was 17.  Unbeknownst to my parents, my friend, Alecia, and I snuck out her bedroom window one summer night in 1983 when I was sleeping over at her house, to meet up with her neighbor. He was older, had a car, and we were headed out for an adventure that would change my life.

On the way to “town”, we made a stop I was not expecting, to pick up a boy I did not know. When he got in the car, I was not happy.  I was feeling a little ambushed, not a little petrified. I did not have any experience with boys and now, I was in the car with a strange one and I knew my parents would be LIVID if they found out! Livid because a) I had snuck out b) I was with 2 older boys. in a car. headed to downtown where all the high school kids hung out c) I was in no way allowed to date—especially some strange boy my parents had never laid eyes on. Man, oh, man. I was in deep. Add to that the fact that we went to the movies. Cujo. Rated “R”, if I’m not mistaken. 

I did not swoon right away.  But he was nice and he did not try anything shady.  I did not see him again until that fall at school when he was a senior; I was a freshman. He started talking to me and walking me to my classes. I was smitten. And, with the assurance from Clyn’s older sister’s husband, who my dad knew, that Clyn was a “nice boy”, we were allowed to date—with certain restrictions, of course.

But it was all over.  We had our on and off moments, but less than 7 years later, we were married.

Twenty-two years after that, we have made a good life for ourselves and our kids.  He is a man of integrity.  He works hard. He doesn’t ask for much. He loves his mama. He is committed to me and the kids. He is a wonderful daddy who has changed diapers, given baths, been up at night with sick kids and taught both children how to ride a bike. He accepts me with all my neuroses—for that alone he should get some kind of BIG prize!

It is not all flowers and candy and butterflies in my stomach anymore, but it is love. True and deep. Love that is committed. Love that allows him to be who he is, ignores toilet seat practices and toothpaste squeezing tendencies. Love that forgives. Love that trusts.

Are we perfect? No. Do we argue? Oh yes. Some days are hard and crazy. Some days are fantastic.

Love is a choice—not an emotion.  I would say that our staying married 22 years is a  product of choosing to love the other person each day—in all our imperfection. I am so thankful my Sweetie chooses to love me each day.

Until tomorrow—Be thankful!


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4 responses to “30 Days of Thankfulness-Day 2

  1. Aww! I love it! Thanks for keepin’ it real, Sister! And thanks for the reminder that love’s not about the emotion, but instead, a choice. 🙂

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