Odds and Ends

So I’m just sitting here tapping the keys on the new laptop.  That’s right.  NEW laptop.  Thank you, Uncle Sam, she says sarcastically, for giving my sweetie some of his hard earned money back so we could go spend it.  The good news is that the desktop is functional…for now…and we will keep it limping along as long as the extended warranty (aka “protection plan”) will keep us from paying for any repairs.  Which is on or about the end of July. Thus, we have entered the world of the two computer household.

Meanwhile, I am transferring any important documents, school or otherwise, to the laptop and when the desktop takes one of its “vacations”, we don’t get behind with school stuff—or life. Sweet, right?

Yeah, I know!

In other news, we have somehow, suddenly entered the month of May. I am not quite clear on how that happened nor do I know what has happened to the previous 4 months of 2011.  There was some cold weather.  There has been some school.  There have been softball games and band concerts. There were horrific weather events and lives tragically lost.  Osama bin Laden is apparently dead. Oh, and then there was spring.  But, nevertheless, here we are…May 4th.  Apparently, otherwise known as Star Wars Day. 

May the Fourth be with you. 


*snort chuckle*

Yeah, I know.  It’s funny. Especially if you are a Star Wars fan.  My Hubby also enjoys March 4th.  Also known as Parade Day.  (March. Forth. Get it?) The Hub was sad he didn’t realize it was Star Wars Day until he got home tonight.  If he had known, he would have used it on people all day.  Cause that’s just the kinda guy he is. (A very adorable one.)

On that note, I will leave you so that I can endlessly peck away at the keys on this shiny new machine. JoMama out.


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