Teen Talk


Now before you get all skeered: no, this is not THAT kind of “teen talk”.

I always enjoy hanging out with my kids. I am beginning to recognize the reality of the fact that they are suddenly becoming young adults and so I try to cherish every moment. They will be grown before I know it. Ugh.

Today, Jacob and I were out running some errands. One of those tasks was to pick up some Easter “prizes” for the kids from their Grandma Morris. It is easier for her if I shop for her so she had sent some money for me to handle that.

No more stuffed lambs or bunnies at their ages. No more little sticks of sidewalk chalk or tubs of bubbles in the sweet little Easter basket. No more cutesy smocked dresses or overalls.

Those days are over. *insert sad face here*

These are the days of Wii games and accessories, cell phones and iPods. And chocolate bunnies. Thankfully, chocolate bunnies are still in. Shwew!

In between the post office and the bank, Jacob and I hit our local Wally-world to see if they had any guitar hero guitars since ours has some unfortunate issues. Jacob was thinking that would be a good Grandma “surprise”. Sadly, we were out of luck on that one.

But where they were short on guitars, they were long on chocolate and other Easter treats. I wasn’t planning on doing full on Easter baskets this year. I mean, the kids are 16 and three weeks away from 13. So, I figure the Easter baskets have gone the way of the smocked overalls. However, this does not exclude the chocolate bunny! We gotta have some chocolate bunnies for Easter! Right??!

As we head over to the mass of goodies I say to Jacob, “I know y’all don’t believe in the Easter bunny anymore, but you and Emma need to have you some chocolate bunnies for Easter!”

Jacob says mischievously, “No, we don’t believe in the Easter bunny anymore. But I do believe in “cho-co-latte”. (Chocolate, pronounced by him en hees most muy bueno espaneesh.)

The boy cracks me up, I tell you!

He went on. “Yeah, I believe in cho-co-latte. Cho-co-latte and Willy Wonka. I mean, Willy Wonka is way more believable than the Easter bunny any day.”

Oh, he makes me LOL– for real.

Jacob selected a very delicious looking dark chocolate bunny for himself and a milk chocolate one for Emma. Then we moved on to the next thing on our list.

Good times.

May you all cherish every moment with your precious children and may you all be blessed this Resurrection Day!



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4 responses to “Teen Talk

  1. DARK cho-co-latte! Now, this is a kid I can identify with! 🙂

  2. I’m with you–my teen is hilarious. If she ever teamed up with your kids, they could have their own radio show.

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