Feeling Springy

Just a couple of things:

1. I. CAN. NOT. seem to regroup from the (not so) fabulous springing forward festivities of this past weekend.  I am like coma woman walking around in some weird daze. Does this mean I am just getting old? Wait, don’t answer that.  On the flip side of that coin, I really, and I do mean, really, love the longer days.  It is just the adjustment period that jacks with me. Does anyone else see the irony of how springing forward totally kills the spring in one’s step? So you end up feeling not at all “springy”?  Just a thought.

2. Yellow is a nice color, but when everything is covered with it, well, not so much.  The pollen is driving me (and my head) nuts!  And yet…I do so love the spring.  The rebirth of God’s creation is something I always look forward to.  All the little birdies nesting. The grass is turning green.  Camellias in full flower.  My Jasmine is smelling heavenly. Trees are starting to leaf out.  I would like to mention here that we  have fortunately seen the end of the blooming of the Bradford Pear trees though, which my daughter calls the “poo trees” and my son calls the “rotting corpse trees”.  If you have smelled a Bradford Pear in bloom, you will understand.  WARNING: I do not advise going out and sticking your nose into one of those beautiful blooms, as tempting as this may seem!  Just trust us on this.

And now, Ivanhoe calleth.  I must needs bid you all a fond adieu. Let the reading commence!

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