That was easy.

For months I have been getting emails from Windows Live Spaces, the location of the original Red Van Ramblings, saying that they were closing the site down. And, that  if I wanted to save my previous blog posts, I needed to import them before the site shut down.  Well, of course I had put it off because I would “get to it eventually”.  (Famous last words, right?) And then OF COURSE, my PC crashed exactly two weeks before said shut down.  Thank you, Mr. Murphy.  I was starting to panic.  I was afraid I would lose all those posts which were  basically a chronicle of our lives. 

Another lesson, Kids, on why procrastination is never a good thing. 

To my surprise, the Geeks called me yesterday saying that my computer was ready, although (of course) it has a couple of viruses.  Don’t get me wrong, I want my PC to be virus-free.  However, I wanted to save my posts from the original Red Van Ramblings more. My plan—upload the old posts and then get it back to the Geeks for virus removal.  I anticipated the transfer to be a pain.  Here’s a big WooHoo!  It was so easy and fast.  And now, I can rest easy, AND get de-virused!  Can I get an Amen?

So, what has been happening the past six months of no blogging?  Just the usual.  School.  Thanksgiving.  Christmas. Yay for family time!  The new year arrived.  School. Oh yeah, and I sprouted a few extra gray hairs in January when Jacob got his driver’s permit.  Oy! Then a few more when he turned 16 in February. And now we are on the cusp of spring.  Wonderful Spring.  A veritable pollen-fest.  I love it!

My intention is always to blog regularly, but I can make no pr0mises.  Life just always seems to get in the way—especially these last mix months.  And in those overwhelmed moments, I can’t seem to make my way to the keyboard.  I ask myself, “Does my VAST <wink wink> readership really care to read about my boring life?” I answer myself (scary that I’m answering myself, right?), “I don’t know, but I find the writing so therapeutic.” 

And I’m all for some free therapy.


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2 responses to “That was easy.

  1. Oh snap Jacob is 16?!!! Seriously you need to blog more. I’ve missed it.

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