Hello WordPress!

So this is the first blog of the new blog.

Such a struggle with the whole naming thing! OY!   I see a “Reject Blog Names” post coming in the near future. That should be a hoot. Ultimately, I have decided to stick with Red Van Ramblings, mainly because I was about to make my head explode trying to come up with something new and, well, it’s just catchy.  Nevermind the fact that Big Red died a slow, painful death 2 years ago…so we won’t talk about that.

I have been toying for a long time with the idea of moving over from Windows Spaces to a different location.  I started blogging nearly four years ago over at Spaces and have enjoyed blogging there immensely.  As I always like to say, blogging is like free therapy.  And so it has been for me.   In recent months, though, I have struggled to find the energy to write anything of any substance whatsoever…not that I did that anyway, but ya know…

In a nutshell, I felt this could be a fresh start and maybe the jump start I have needed to get cracking on the blogging!  And now you are up to speed.

So, welcome to the new (and improved?) Red Van Ramblings.



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9 responses to “Hello WordPress!

  1. Hello! So glad to see you here. Spaces is horrible about keeping feeds updated, so I think this is a good thing.

    I tortured myself with a new blog title–I didn’t want to have “mommy” or “mom” in my title, so I struggled. My husband actually ended up naming it. Now, I’m glad I left mom out of the title–makes me stand out a little.

  2. Sad to see you leave spaces 😦 I still hold on to my spaces I do love it!
    I am actually on wordpress too and on blogger as well but not as Wahzat that’s my anything goes space 🙂

    Hope to be seeing more of you
    still at wahzat.spaces.live.com
    and also here 🙂

  3. YAY Joelle! I’m glad you’re over here now too 🙂

  4. Thanks for the free advertising, Sarah! I appreciate the props until I find some spare time to juggle homeschooling, facebooking, blogging, and twittering! Ha! I am free usually after 3 pm every weekday…with unlimited nights and weekends! 😉

  5. YES!! You finally got a WordPress blog cranked up! Now, I just need to get you on Twitter… (she said with an evil grin.) And in response to your question over at my blog… NO, I haven’t been living inside your head. But we should definitely talk because girl, life has gotten VERY interesting in my spot on planet Earth! LOVE YOU! ((HUGS))

    • YAY! You are my first official WordPress comment! Twitter? Oy Vey! Would love to catch up with you soon, girl!

      • You know… If you won’t get on Twitter yourself, I’m gonna have to start tweeting links to your posts on Twitter… (That’s how you actually get readers. Found that one out the hard way.) And let’s set up a phone date so that we can catch up! When are you gonna have an hour free?

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