Hashbrowns and Fake Punches

“ Mmmm. Crunchy potatoey goodness”  ~ Emma as she took a bite of her McDonald’s hashbrown yesterday morning.

My kids are so funny.  It is not unusual for them to make me laugh OUT on a daily basis.  Jacob’s little comments all day long crack me up. 

The Algebra 1 curriculum we are using…Teaching Textbooks…LOVE IT!  I like to call it Algebra for Dummies, and by that I mean ME! not Jacob! FINALLY, algebra makes sense! WHY OH WHY didn’t we have this in 1984??? SIGH. But I digress…So, the lesson will often have funny word problems and they are right up Jacob’s humor alley.  Usually he will rattle off some extension of the word problem that is hilarious.  For example, we are working with negative numbers this week.  One of the word problems today was:

The second-rate superhero can only save 2 damsels in distress per decade, how many damsels can he save in x decades? 

(The answer is 2x damsels, FYI.)

Jacob turns this into a whole scenario about “Second-Rate Superhero”.  “Second-Rate Superhero.  The strength of half a man.  Able to watch bullets go flying by…”  Anyway, it was funny.

And speaking of funny.  My kids, my budding film makers, have been at it again.  This time playing with stunt fighting and sound effects…




Didn’t you just love the bloopers??  Thank God for humor!  It totally gets me through! 

That,  AND Special K Chocolatey Delight my new favorite cereal and indulgence! Can you say PMS??  That may have been TMI, but I’m just sayin’, it’s really hitting the spot these days. Get some!




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6 responses to “Hashbrowns and Fake Punches

  1. Harper

    OMG I COULD JUST EAT EMMA AND JACOB UP!!! THEY ARE ADORABLE! I stayed home today and totally stalked you! by the way this is harper! 🙂

  2. Tiffany

    I\’m such a slacker! I haven\’t been by here in FOREVER! I hate it that Summer is "over"! Not really… it\’s still warm out, but just the feeling with school starting back and everything!Big Hugs – Tiff

  3. Toni

    The special K? Will have to try it, but next week when I will need it most. The algebra? I\’m getting the book…and if that doesn\’t work I\’m calling Katy. Your kids? Are they for hire–like at birthday parties and such or just on days when I\’m sad or bored or I just want to laugh? You\’re so right–they\’re awesome. Wish my kids were old enough to make videos…wait…And Emma\’s friend–the one that knows When the Doves Cry? She\’s gold, too. Solid gold. I mean really.

  4. Joell

    Thanks Katy! Luckily, this curriculum does that for me, but I will keep you on standby, just in case! I need to get over to your place and catch up on your Charlie-man! I am waaaay behind in blogwalking!

  5. barnyardmama

    IF you ever have an algebra questions just shoot me a line! I had to do it for years and my kids weren\’t very good at it so I had to learn to break it down to the itty-bittiest level.

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