Motown Madness



So I broke down and cleaned the carpet this week.  I mean, the in-laws are coming this weekend and all…otherwise I probably would have waited another six months.  It was pretty gross before I cleaned it and I’ve gotta say it doesn’t look much better post-cleaning.  What is up with that??  I would really like to have some wood floors throughout my whole house.  Carpet is evil.

Unless you live under a rock, you know that American Idol is in full swing.  I am a huge fan.  But, I didn’t get to watch last night…and it was MOTOWN night too!  OH, how I do love me some MOTOWN!!!   What’s a girl to do??  Search the world wide web, that’s what.  I was able to view the contestants’ performances on You Tube.  My faves for this season are…Allison, Danny and Adam…in that order.  For your viewing and listening pleasure, here is my favorite performance of the evening…

American Idol Season 8 Adam Lambert sings Tracks of My Tears

Granted Adam did that WAY bizarre over-the-top Ring of Fire rendition last week…it was just WEIRD…but this, THIS was pure genius.  Second favorite performance of the night was Allison’s Papa Was a Rolling Stone…WOW.  That girl has got some PIPES!  Holy COW! She blew the roof off!  Did I mention she’s only 16 years old??!

Allison Iraheta sings Papa Was a Rolling Stone AI season 8

Meanwhile, we have navigated through an interesting week around here.  Sensory issues abound.  Did y’all know that there are shiny happy people everywhere?  How DARE they laugh and enjoy themselves??  UGH.  Poor Jacob.  He spent all of last week at home…y’all recall the flu that visited us.  So, he had the week at home.  In the quiet house.  Didn’t wear his earplugs at all.  Only to return this Monday to the onslaught of 800 squealing, giddy, pubescent 6th, 7th and 8th graders.  It was not pretty.  We are in the process of trying to make some adjustments for him at school.  We are also trying to schedule a listening therapy called Auditory Integration Training (AIT) which has been successful for some people on the autism spectrum with noise sensitivities.  At this point, we are desperate to help him.  It hasn’t been easy for him to get back in the groove.  I guess the saving grace is that we have a 4 day school week…oh, the beauty of the teacher workday…so we’re easing back in.  We will get through the next two months and then we are making some major changes.  More on that later.  Haven’t got the whole plan formulated just yet.  I’ll keep y’all posted. 😉

And with that, I’m off to the Home Depot to find some twine to repair the trampoline net…again. 


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6 responses to “Motown Madness

  1. Wahzat

    I ripped out the carpet in my house and tiled every where it is wonderful… allergies have calmed down a whole lot.Poor Jacob- my OT swears by AIT, but luckily my son is not as sensitive to people noises as much as that. His issue is with loud sudden machine noises like a revving car ( and he is a car buff go figure), the blender, the grass edger but not the lawn mower so much. Sigh life is interesting.Keep good!

  2. Tiffany

    Hey girl! I haven\’t been by in a while… apologize for that! I hate it that Jacob was sick. That\’s no fun and then they get out of their routine. I hope the AIT helps him!Hugs – Tiff

  3. Unknown

    Hardwood requires maintainence too, darn it. You can\’t really win.

  4. Jim

    I am with you on the whole carpet front. We are slowly but surely putting hardwood through the whole house.

  5. Toni

    I love a clean carpet. I bought a carpet cleaner so that I could do it around here whenever it was needed but I\’d have to drag it out every week if that were actually the case. Hope the in-law visit goes well and that Jacob gets help in some form. Poor guy, I know it\’s not easy. I can\’t even stand being around middle school kids for more than 2 minutes myself.

  6. billy

    I\’ll admit I\’m a closet American Idol fan, though I haven\’t had the chance to watch as much this year as I have in the past. As for the hardwood floors, though, I have to say that their upkeep is just as often as with carpet, especially if you have kids in the house. Part of the price we pay for all the fun, I suppose.Prayers that all will go well with your son.

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