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Cough cough cough

So Jacob is still home with me this week.  He is feeling much better, but I am still concerned about the germ spewing he does every time he hack hack HAAAAAACKS, and I feel his school would appreciate me containing said germs to my own home.  I should add that he’s still looking mighty pasty. 

Selfishly, I like having him home to dote on.  We have managed a little bit of schoolwork.  He has rested well the last two nights and is so good about taking all the meds I am currently pushing on him. 

Just call me his dealer.  Or Elvis.  Whichever. 

He has only left the couch on rare occasions.  I think he can wear himself out just walking to the bathroom.  I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now though…just hoping and praying that nobody else gets it.  The Germ-X abounds in my house!!  Emma got home from school today and has sanitized about 6 times…without being asked.  Now there’s a kid who doesn’t want to be down with the flu! 

I was fumigating the kids’ bathroom today and it occurred to me that I was finding these random blobs of toothpaste EVERYwhere.  I ask you, HOW does one get toothpaste on the wall, door, sink, floor, cabinetry, mirror and tub??  Seriously.  I imagine the kids dancing an Irish jig around the bathroom whilst flinging their toothbrushes around in the air.  Michael Flatley’s got nothin’ on them!

Or maybe it’s just been a really long time since I’ve cleaned the bathroom. 


Either way, toothpaste blobs are on my poo list.





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2 responses to “Here’s the latest.

  1. Kim

    Haven\’t you heard of the "How many places can you find toothpaste" game? Every time I, very reluctantly, go into the kids\’ bathroom, I learn a new place that toothpaste can land….so I have finally learned.. StOP BUYING BLUE TOOTHPASTE! Glad to hear Jacob is better. Our ped says he\’s seeing about 20 new cases per week…which is a far improvement from two weeks ago….that\’s some bad stuff!

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