Talks too much


“Be careful of your thoughts; they may become words at any moment.”  ~Ira Gassen

I have sat down here at the computer about 3 different times in the last week to write something.  For one reason or another, I haven’t.  Surely it isn’t for lack of things to say.  That, folks, is pretty much a non-problem for me!  I’m the kid who got an “N” in conduct on her report card every 9 weeks and written beside that in flowery teachery writing were the words “Talks Too Much.”  You get my drift.  I guess I feel like I don’t have anything interesting to write about.  Nothing really funny.  I think I feel like I have to be funny.  Basically, life is pretty un-funny right now.  However, I make it a policy to try to find something to laugh about every day.  It’s good for your health, you know.  So, here’s the un-funny what’s what around here…

Granny’s party was a HUGE success!  We totally pulled it off.  Thanks to all the helping hands!  My SIL, Amy (who was sick as a dog and pretty much a ‘medicine head’ the whole time) put together a beautifully decorated room and bought food, which my SIL, Lisa, so skillfully plated and organized on the tables.  My mom and I felt like we ran around just doing whatever to meet those two things in the middle.  Meanwhile, my two brothers and my hubby did the man things like pushing around chairs and tables and running errands and making sure the kids didn’t destroy stuff.  The kids were pretty much bored, but hey…Amy also had a some lovely friends who helped that night who made it possible for us to sit back and enjoy the party–Doug, Nancy, Cindy and Robin.  An incredible blessing.  The look on Granny Hobbs’s face was SO priceless.  She cried.  It was so worth it. She greeted everyone, people ate, there was music by our friend, Kenny (who she loves) and by my younger brother (who she also loves, duh).  After all that was done, my dad got up to say a few words…well, scratch that, my dad never just says a ‘few words’.  He shared about how much his mama means to him and how she is the most incredible woman in the world and how much he loves her.  I’m not going to lie, it gave me a tear.  After it was all said and done, I asked Granny Hobbs, “Are you mad at us?”  She said, “Naaaaah.  But your Daddy talks too much.” (Hmm, something about the apple falling from the tree comes to mind here??) Yes, he does literally talk too much, but in this case, her meaning was more along the lines of, “your Daddy talked too much about ME.”  She’s not one who likes being made over.  But when you get to celebrate turning 90, that deserves getting to be doted on and bragged about. Doncha think?  Especially when, as we later found out, Granny Hobbs had NEVER had a birthday party.  I mean, dang.  You shouldn’t have to wait till your 90.  It was a great evening.

Jacob also celebrated his 14th birthday that weekend.  He got some new roller blades.  His old ones were in sad shape…they were too small and the wheels were all wonky. So he was pretty stoked and spent the weekend roller blading…especially while he was having to wait on us cleaning/decorating the church for the party.  Emma took her blades too and so they had some fun.  I can’t believe my boy is 14.  It blows me away.  Coolest. Kid. Ever.  Well one of the two, anyway. 😉

Other than all that, things are pretty status quo around here…eat, sleep, school, homework, laundry, etc, etc.  Oh and then there’s that whole high school thing looming out there as well.  We have some big decisions to make here shortly regarding public vs. home education for Jacob.  We are praying, gathering info and weighing everything.  Why is it such an overwhelming decision?  I mean, it only affects the rest of my kid’s life.  It will work out.  It always does.



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2 responses to “Talks too much

  1. Toni

    Awww, those pictures are great–Jacob looks so much like your husband it\’s actually kind of scary. And I agree w/Tiffany HOW CUTE is your Granny? And how sweet is your dad? Who cares if he talks too much? And who ever heard of talking too much anyways?I know how you feel about not writing because there\’s nothing particularly funny. I wouldn\’t write at all if it weren\’t for keeping my family updated. I know it\’s weird, because you and I are both so hilarious most of the time, 🙂 but we most not feel pressured to keep these computer people entertained on a daily basis! Geez, it\’s not like they\’re real or something.Take it easy, make those decisions and don\’t feel bad about having some down time. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Tiffany

    Looks like both parties went off without a hitch! And, HOW CUTE is your Granny? UGH… adorable!Hugs – Tiff

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