Grits and other stuff.



Contrary to popular belief, I have neither died nor been institutionalized, though my hubby might like to debate the need for the latter.  I have been delinquent, plain and simple.  I have been facebooking way too much.  My bff, Kristi, wrote on my wall (if you aren’t a facebooker, you will not know what this means…it’s like leaving a comment on your page)…anyway, yesterday, she wrote on my wall, “I miss your blog”.  And then I was like, Well, dang, maybe I should get over there and try to come up with something entertaining.  We’ll see how that goes…Sister C, this is for you.

I am sitting here eating some gritsfor breakfast, thinking about what to write about.  Grits are a very Southern dish and maybe some of y’all are unfamiliar with this particular cuisine.  Grits are Southern comfort food.  They are creamy and especially delicious when you smother them with butter, salt and pepper.  Some folks make some excellentcheese grits and here in the South Carolina Lowcountry, there is this marvelous dish of creamy deliciousness called shrimp and grits. Them’s good eatin’!  Please be aware that “grits” are always plural.  You don’t eat A grit.  You might find some grit in an oyster or in your teeth or something, but that would not be the same thing.  Grits are a foreign substance to folks who are foreign to the South, but the taste for them can be acquired.  It’s like that stuff Scrapplethey used to eat when I lived in Delaware, except, no it’s not because I never was able to eat that stuff.  <Shiver> Scratch that.  Anyway, I’m eatin’ some grits, y’all!

Sad to say there isn’t a whole lot of interesting stuff going on.  Plus, I think I have been in rebellion since the powers that be revamped the whole Spaces thing here.  I find it irritating to try and even get on my so-called Spaces Home page and then this whole profile thingy over here.  What is up with that?  I don’t know, it just seems a whole lot more labor intensive than it used to be.  I can’t find stuff!!!  That is unless I click on three different places and then maybe I can get to the screen I want.  So, maybe I’ve stayed away partly for that too.

After a year and a half of living in my house, I have finally found some interest/motivation in sprucing up the decor around here.  My friend, Torri, helped me rearrange the living room after I had gotten some new bookshelves (books were still in boxes, as I had nowhere to shelve them…had built-ins in my other house).  I got some valances for my nekked kitchen windows, and ordered some panels for the living room windows.  I think I am finally enjoying this home now and managing to stay on top on my chores.  I have finally come to a conclusion after being a stay-at-home mother for just shy of 14 years…this is my JOB.  Maybe this isn’t so much of a newsflash for some of you “born organized” people out there.  But I now wake up each morning to get ready for work.  It is a whole mental shift that has happened.  A lot of it is thanks, in part, to FLYLADY.  She has helped me over the years to get temporarily and somewhat organized around the house.  But I am making a serious effort to be better at my job.

Other than all that, it has been “the youzzhh” around here (our way of saying “the usual”, and I’m not really sure how to spell it, but that’s how we say it and that’s how they say it on iCarly, and we like to be COOL like that!).

Oops…time’s up!  I just heard the buzzer on the dryer go off…gotta go get those sheets out and get ’em back on the bed pronto, cause that’s what Flylady would do.



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3 responses to “Grits and other stuff.

  1. Toni

    Love me some grits-a-yaya.Spaces–I totally understand. It\’s aggrivating the crap out of me for the very reason you said. I think I\’m going to write a letter.You going awol on everybody–not cool. I don\’t get much time to read many blogs but when I do I expect yours to be updated and ready for me. Can you blog on facebook? Are we friends on facebook? We are, aren\’t we?

  2. Tiffany

    Girl… give me some CHEESE grits anyday! UGH… they are too die for. I wish more restaurants around here made them more. But, I have a good recipe for them… somewhere. 🙂 I have started sprucing up our pad as well after 3 years with new paint and curtains! LOL You would think it\’s about time. Britt griped about it at first, but I told him $100.00 worth of paint for the kitchen and dining room made a HUGE difference. We are getting ready to get new flooring in almost the entire house all because Miss Baylee spilled a HUGE bucket of water on the wood floors in my kitchen. They have to replace ALL the wood flooring because of it. Which is fine with me because I HATE IT! It\’s cheap, crappy wood flooring that scratches easy. So, I think tile will go in the kitchen and wood flooring everywhere else except the bedrooms. New furniture for the living room after our fat tax refund gets here I think will finish everything off. Oh, after I paint our bathroom and living room! :)Hugs – Tiff

  3. siobhan

    The low country is supposed to have great seafood. I\’ve never tried grits. I would like to, but it\’s not something that you find in Vegas! Have you read the last Diana Gabloldon? Breath of Snow and Ashes? I\’m wondering if there is going to be another one! I hope so!!

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