“A true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg even though he knows that you are slightly cracked.” ~ Bernard Meltzer

So I promised y’all a non-whiney post this time.  And that is exactly what y’all will be getting.

In this episode, y’all will be getting a blast from my past.  My long ago past…most of which is not appropriate to air here.  I like to say it’s “not for public consumption”.  No, I have not always been such a well-behaved girl.  I know y’all are shocked and dismayed, but suffice it to say that I used to like to partake, a lot, of the par-tay beverages back in the day, and I did most of that with my friend, Alexis (Kristi would join us on occasion as well).  Not that it was her fault, by any means.  But let’s face it, she was the one with the fake ID…and all that crazy confidence. “Y’all gotta be cool, now” she would say.  So, there ya go.  I mean, can we all agree, that most people lose their minds–to some degree–between the ages of 15 and 22??  Most of us are able to locate our brains again around 23 or so, I think.  Fortunately, that theory held true for Alexis and me.

Alexis recently turned 40–much to her great distress–and her mom, who we have always affectionately referred to as “R” (the first letter of her name–not sure she ever loved the fact that that was what we called her, but…), wanted to throw her a surprise birthday shindig.  I was invited and since I hadn’t seen or talked to my friend in a loooong time, I thought it would be great fun to go.  And so we did…and, yes, I dragged my poor hubby along. (He had fun too.) 

The party was this past weekend, at the home of Sid and R (Alexis’ parents), which is in the same community where Hubby grew up and where his parents still live.  We were late to the party, (Shocker!) so we missed the official “surprise”, but I think Alexis was plenty surprised by the whole thing, so I can live with it.  There was food and drink and reminiscing.  R had asked, that in lieu of gifts, guests bring a photo of themselves with Alexis and write down a favorite memory of her or advice for getting older. Isn’t that a great idea?? Well, since I am not, in fact, getting older, <don’t look at me that way!!> I opted for some “remember when” comments.  And since I was not sure who would be seeing said comments, I kept it clean. 

My favorite part of the evening was later, after everyone else was gone except for:  Hubby and me, Kristi (who had arrived later, after attending a family function), Alexis and her husband Will, Alexis’ parents (Sid and R) and Alexis’ younger brother and another family friend.  We laughed (a lot) about some of our close calls and poor judgement.  We thanked God for sparing us, and we lamented how we didn’t see each other enough.  There really is no excuse, you know.  It’s not like I live in Iowa anymore.  And for goodness sake, Kristi and Alexis live in the same county.

It did my heart good to see my old (and I do mean old…muahahahaha…) friend.  Alexis, who has endured some pretty tough challenges in life…even after we had gotten ourselves straightened out!…seems to be truly happy.  She has a sweet husband who adores her.  She has a job she is good at.  People who love her.  I mean, really, what more could you ask for? 

Alexis would probably say, “A mimosa”.

At least now we don’t need a fake ID to get one.


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5 responses to “Flashbacks

  1. Wahzat

    This is wonderful! There is nothing better than meeting up with good friends who knew you when! And I agree with you totally everyone around me is getting older not me… it\’s just some numbers that mean squat LOL.So happy that you had a great time!G

  2. Tiffany

    I\’m SO glad you had fun! What an awesome way to celebrate by bringing a photo! 🙂 Those lovely 80\’s hairdo\’s and all!Hugs – Tiffany

  3. Jim

    I too am glad you had fun.

  4. Lena

    Um, 21 years past 23 years old and I\’m still waiting for my brain cells to rebuild. Glad ya had fun.Now go clean ya house! hehe

  5. Toni

    killer hairstyles you have there. I think I was like, 8 or something that year. ; )nothing like a party to get you back in a good mood.

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