A little cheese with my whine.

You know those days that are really really great and then all of a sudden turn really really cruddy?  Yeah, well, that was my day yesterday.  And I am really too tired to elaborate.  Suffice it to say that the great part was visiting with a friend who really cracks me up and who had a sweet little baby girl about a month ago.  So adorable.  I got my baby fix for a bit.

And on the cruddy side is more of the same old stuff it always is…poor Jacob.  Add that to the fact that the sun hasn’t been seen around my town for about 5 days (that right there will make you crazy if you aren’t) and I have lots more Christmas shopping to finish, Hubby’s birthday is Sunday and I have done nothing to prepare for that.  The house is a mess and we are leaving town this afternoon for the weekend.  Things are just a tad bit chaotic.

I’m feeling a bit whiney…can ya tell?

The saving grace for me is the fact that it is Friday.  Our favorite day of the week.

Next blog will not be whiney.  I promise.


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4 responses to “A little cheese with my whine.

  1. Jim

    I love Fridays. But only becuase on Fridays tomorrow is Saturday.

  2. Toni

    I hope the weekend put you back in a good mood; it\’s okay to whine sometimes…at least, I hope it is, because I love to whine so very much. Good luck w/the shopping–better get that done soon before it gets really annoying to go anywhere at all.

  3. Margaret

    I was in that same state 3 days ago,and thought I just won\’t get done if i keep this up .So i decorated the tree on thurs. wrapped the gifts yesterday and did the laundry,and then last night i could not sleep,I wonder why? now it\’s done!! Makes no sence…..Have a great weekend and Mon. is a whole new week. Hugs Margaret

  4. Lena

    Enjoy the weekend. Screw the housecleaning, it can wait til you get back.We had rain and clouds for 5 days here too. Now it\’s cold and sunny. I\’m in my happy place (but then again, I just woke up).

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