It’s all about the hair…and friends…and trees.

So, long side swept bangs are in.   Ask my 10 year old or any of her HSM3-loving friends.  Last year, she started the short bob trend after getting all her hair cut off for Locks of Love.  Then a few more friends cut their hair.  Well, a year down the road, one of Emma’s friends has started the long side bangs trend.  And though Emma is usually not too pressured by her peers to conform when it comes to her appearance (except that time when she was 7 and begging to get her ears pierced because her friend did), she was totally digging the side bangs.  She wasn’t begging, but I could just tell.  She was Jonesing for the side bangs.

Friday afternoon, we headed up to a chain salon up by the grocery store.  (It was convenient, okay).  I needed to take Jacob too, because every morning in recent days, he has woken up looking like the Great Horned Owl had visited him in the night, but the week had been a long one and a Friday haircut wasn’t happening for my boy…don’t know what I was thinking.  Emma and I walked up to the shop, I believe it is called “Famous Hair”, and I looked in the big window.  Who did I see but my old friend MAGGIE!  My original Hairmate, who I was LOVING a few months ago, who then “moved on”.  When they “move on”, the salon they have left will not tell you where they have moved TO.  And then, there you are.  Lost.  Without your hairmate. What a sight for sore eyes!  I walked in there and hugged her neck!  I said, “where have you been girl??!”  THIS time, I have gotten her personal real live cell phone number, so if she gets a wild hair and moves on again, I can track her down!  SCORE!After that, Maggie cut Emma’s hair and it looks ADORABLE.  I am so happy to have found my Maggie again. 

Friday night, we went over to my friend Torri’s house–my sweet friend Torri who has just been a ray of sunshine to me since we moved here.  We had such a blast!  Going to have a dinner/game night with friends is not something we ever do and it was a really great time.  Clyn had fun too and best of all, Jacob had a wonderful time!  I was amazed. Good times.  

Hope we can do it again soon.

*Here is the part in the blog where I give a SHOUT OUT to my young friend Aly, Torri’s beautiful daughter, who reads the blog.  HOLLAAAA!* 

Jacob did get his haircut yesterday (finally!  So then I could do the annual Christmas card photo shoot) and we got our Christmas tree.  We are real tree people.  Every year, I have twinges of thinking…this is the year we go artificial.  But then the family gets all testy.  And we get a real tree and it smells so great and I absolutely love it.  That is, until January when I have to drag it’s fire-hazard-needle-dropping self out of the house.  Then I hate it.  But for now I love it and it is beautiful and as the Peanuts Gang would sing, “Christmastime is here.”

Charlie Brown’s Christmas Time Is Here



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6 responses to “It’s all about the hair…and friends…and trees.

  1. Wahzat

    I remember when you lost your hairmate so happy that you found her… I wish i could find me one I have had so many hair misses that I could cry.sigh thank God for Frizz Ease.

  2. Jim

    I cut my own hair at home. And yes, it looks like it. I don;t care. It is hair. No matter what i do to it, the darn stuff just grows back. :)Merry Chriustmas. Not Happy Holidays but Merry Christmas.

  3. Toni

    It really is all about the hair. and friends. and the tree. Right on. Emma looks great with side bangs! And holy mackerel how awesome is it that you found your long lost hairmate?!! Now you\’ll have her in your pocket forever and ever.What a beautiful tree you guys got! I toy with artificial thoughts every year…but I\’m glad we never go through with it.

  4. Lena

    what in the heck is HSM. Oh wait, High School Musical? Yes? CHA-CHING!!!!!! Josh is growing his hair to "look like Drake Bell". Whoever he is!You\’re kids are so beautiful. I mourn the day that Josh gets too big to do my photo shoots. He will rue the day as well 😀

  5. Faithfulmom

    I about fell out of my chair when I read your occupation…driving around town…that is SO ME! Happy and SAFE travels!

  6. Bill

    I have an 8 year old who LOVES LOVES LOVES HSM. I tell him that he\’s my favorite teenage daughter ever. He doesn\’t like that.Does Jacob object to getting haircuts? I have his clone up here who hates haircuts almost as much as brushing his teeth, which is a LOT

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