Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin’


“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving” ~Albert Einstein


We had a lovely fall weekend here…a few patches of clouds and rain, but nothing to complain about.  Just the right amount of crisp in the air.  We managed a fun family bike ride Sunday afternoon on a trail here in town.  Unlike Iowa, I have found South Carolina to be very cyclist UNfriendly.  In Iowa there were great wide sidewalks EVERYwhere–perfect for the leisurely family cyclists–here, not so much.   So, you load up the bikes and go find yourself a trail.

Wish I had had my camera with me.  We took some stops along the way at the creek, at the railroad tracks.  Imagine shots in black and white–a rear view of the kids walking on the railroad tracks with their arms out to their sides for balance.  Yeah.  It would have been great.  But, lucky for me, I got to see the real thing!  Took some mental snapshots.

Hubby somehow managed to cram all four bikes into the back of The Edge (with the back seat folded down). Two of us rode in The Edge and the other two rode in Hubby’s car. 

SIDEBAR:  I just realized I have no name for Hubby’s car.  Can’t say I feel compelled to have one either. 

Anyhoo, I told Hubby that would be the LAST time we cram all those bikes into The Edge.  I was on pins and needles!  I’d like to keep him nice and clean for more at least a couple of months, ya know.  Hubby’s comment: “Did we buy this car to use it or to keep it clean?”  Point taken.  But STILL. 

Hey, that gives me an idea…Hubby’s birthday next month…he’s gettin’ a bike rack.  Yep.

Fun family bike rides rock.  Totally.



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3 responses to “Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin’

  1. Lena

    OMG, last time Josh and I went on a mom-n-son bike ride, he fell off his bike and insisted on walking the bike home (about 3 miles).  That\’s the first AND LAST time I ever heard him scream "AWWWWWWWWWW SHIT!" 
    Uh, did ya name the Edge yet or is that it\’s name?  Seems a lil unoriginal dontcha think? LOL

  2. Jim

    Glad you were able to get outside and enjoy the weekend. 

  3. Toni

    You know how I feel about my bicycle. You were so lucky in Iowa–although I\’m surprised South Carolina is not like that, because I have this weird unfounded idea that South Carolina is all sophisticated and environmentally friendly and neat and fun. Oklahoma? It\’s not one of the fattest states for no reason at all.

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