What are the odds?

A funny thing happened on the way to the fair.


I mean, really.  It was just unbelievable.  But wait, I’m getting ahead of myself.

Imagine this.  We are pulling into the Coastal Carolina Fair this past Saturday evening for a little fun and funnel cake when, lo and behold, I look at the car that has just merged in front of us.  I nostalgically say, “Oh look y’all, there’s a car just like Big Red right in front of us.  <pause>  WAIT that IS Big Red!!”


You may be asking, “Oh come on, how do you KNOW that was Big Red??”

Look closely, in the circle.  Note the “ding” I have so kindly pointed out for you.  I’ll give you a sec to look it over.

You see it now, don’t you?  Yeah well, I know it was Big Red, because I personally inflicted that ding upon her one time when I backed into a low brick wall while trying to escape from the very small, very crowded Tae Kwon Do school parking lot about 2 1/2 years ago when we lived in Iowa.

We could not believe it.  But it was her.  We had put her in our not-so-distant memory.  We never thought we’d see her again…especially driving down the road somewhere!!

Not only was she driving in front of us, but she was then parked BESIDE us, thanks to those handy parking attendants!


It was all we could do to restrain ourselves from asking the people as they got out, “How’s that dash board working for ya??”  Though Hubby did manage to stalkingly walk around their vehicle and ask them (even though I asked him NOT to), “Where did y’all get that van?  We used to have one just like it.”  (Knowing all along it was our van, but didn’t really want to admit it just in case it was turning out badly for them, ya know.)  They said they had gotten it from a dealer in Hollywood (South Carolina, silly, not California).  Here’s my guess…the folks we traded to knew they couldn’t put it on their lot and so they sold it wholesale at auction where some small town dealer took it, fixed it (for, I am sure, much less than the $1000 quote we got)–at least, I hope they fixed it–and sold it on his lot to some poor unsuspecting persons who had very little to spend.  All conjecture, of course.  But you can see what I’m saying.

So we go into the fair.  All of us were just cracking up.  When it came time to leave, we hoped Big Red would still be parked there so we could take come pictures…I knew y’all would want to see.  (Y’all didn’t seriously think I had taken these while the folks were still standing there did you??  I’m crazy, but not THAT crazy.  Well, that could be debatable, but we won’t get into that here and now.  Anyway…)

We had our fun and funnel cake (and candy apples and french fries), saw the sights (and there were MANY), but when it was all said and done, we decided the most fun part of the fair was seeing Big Red again.  Hands down.  I mean, what were the odds, really?


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5 responses to “What are the odds?

  1. Michelle

    Oh so perfect!
    I have the same feelings everytime I see our old car.  It was the first major thing Carlos and I bought together and we sold it.  Boo Whoo.  He sold it to a friend so I still get to see it often and long for the days of a car that it\’s a gas guzzler like our van.

  2. Nooner™

    "I\’ll give you a sec to look it over." <—– HaHaHaHa.
    Do you have any idea how much I would love to have you as a neighbor? Oh, this was so funny!
    HaHaHa. And of course I listen to pretty women and do what they say. So naturally I paused to look carefully at the dent before continuing. HaHaHa.
    I once had an opportunity to see a former car I had owned on the road. Like you, it was a slight mishap that made me recognize it right away. So, I know how "exciting" it is to see a part of what had been your life once again. Like your Big Red, that particular car was an important one for me. It was a VW "bus" that my parents purchased new for me just weeks or days before I drove to Mexico for a junior year "abroad" type of thing at a university in Mexico City.
    Happy Veteran\’s Day, Joell … and God Bless America 🙂

  3. Margaret

    It\’s unbelievable,but you could at least say a proper goodbye!!!!

  4. Jim

    That is just crazy!

  5. Toni

    that\’s wild. I\’m glad you didn\’t tell the new owners who you really were and why you were really asking. just in case.

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