Old dog needs to learn new tricks.

You can learn a lot of things doing your family’s laundry. 

For example, Lego men do NOT melt in the dryer.


You can also learn about what candy the teacher currently has in the prize box.  Although it is sometimes hard to identify post wash/dry.

Note to self:  Check kids’ pockets more thoroughly BEFORE washing and drying.




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8 responses to “Old dog needs to learn new tricks.

  1. Unknown

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  2. Wahzat

    LOL!!!! This is hilarious 🙂

  3. Nooner™

    Not sure why Spaces won\’t allow me to leave a comment to your later blog .. the one on Homework and Jacob and Emma and your siblings.
    I tried three times. Everytime I hit Add a comment, the page twinkles but remains the same, i.e. no Add a comment window opens up.
    Wanted to say I\’m always touched to read of your writings re your family. Your kids are extended members of my online friendships because I love to hear about them and follow their family happenings. Nice of you to share your home life with us out here in blogland.
    How nice to read the words Mother-Son roadtrip. Reminds me of my many years of Father-Daughter weekends I\’ve experienced. Those one on ones are so damn special. I wish you many, many more.

  4. Tiffany

    Oh the joys of not cleaning out the pockets!  Do you know how many ink pens my husband has left in his shirt pockets?  UHHHHH… He almost ruined a pair of my Seven for all Mankind jeans.  That wouldn\’t bother me so bad if they were just a regular pair, but they cost almost 200!!!!!  I told him to start checking the pockets thoroughly or I would stop doing laundry!  🙂
    That\’s awesome to read that you got a new car… do you like it?
    Hugs – Tiff

  5. Toni

    Great last couple posts. since you\’re a great mom already I\’d worry less about being a fixer and start worrying more about your laundry skills. I\’ve almost burned the house down–that\’s the kind of stuff you don\’t wanna fool around with. 🙂 Toni

  6. Lena

    TFF!  The other night I heard this strange click clack noise coming from our dryer.  I thought great, time to go dryer shopping.  I unloaded it and found about 20 little pebbles.  JOSH!!!!!!!!!!!! What are these?  Oh that\’s where I left \’em, thanks Mommy.

  7. Bill

    I think I have Jacob\’s little brother here, because he does weird stuff with Lego too.  too funny…

  8. Michelle

    Don\’t be fooled…..there is no such thing as checking the pockets thoroughly!!!  I check and recheck and recheck.  Things always seem to find their way into my wash/dry….including Carlos\’ cell phone!!!

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