Blue Skies Smiling At Me

“The trouble with weather forecasting is that it’s right too often for us to ignore it and wrong too often for us to rely on it.”  ~Patrick Young



I’m wondering if this Hanna is going to make an appearance here in the Low Country or not.  I’ve spent the majority of the day running around town to various “home improvement stores” like a rooster with its head cut off trying to find something to tie down this new trampoline of ours.  Ironic timing, I’d say.  We’ve only just assembled the thing and now it seems we should have waited.  Hmm.  Ain’t no way I’m going to spend another hour disassembling only to spend 7 more hours REassembling, people.  So, I reckon we are going to look for some way to turn it over and stake it down to the ground.  Don’t want an Iowa repeat. (Tornado blew away our last trampoline a couple of years ago…into a neighbor’s fence.  At least it wasn’t into our neighbor’s HOUSE! SHWEW!)  Having no luck locating tie downs for the tramp, I instead purchased my share of water, bungee cords and batteries.  Tomorrow will resume the tramp tie down search.  At least I wasn’t the only one out there making hurricane prep, so I don’t feel as though I am overreacting.  There was a line to purchase generators at one of the home improvement stores…I wasn’t in it.  I’m not saying those people are overreacting.  I might end up wishing I had been in that line before it’s all over.

Meanwhile, we have the bluest skies I’ve seen in a while, complete with poufy cotton clouds that look like they are smiling at me…literally.——->   Temps have dropped a tad bit.  This morning when I took Emma to school (7:15 AM) we needed jackets.  It’s weird.  You would not THINK a hurricane is on the way.  I won’t be fooled.  I’m going with the Boy Scout Motto:  Be prepared.  Or as my mama used to say: It’s better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it. 

Truer words have never been spoken. 

Blue Skies by Ella Fitzgerald




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5 responses to “Blue Skies Smiling At Me

  1. Lena

    ok, see that\’s why you need to build a pool.  Not only for my visits, but for you to throw the tramp in til our twisted sista Hannah leaves.
    Bada bing, bada bang….she\’s stoppin\’ by here too.
    Batten down the hatches me matey, we\’re in for either a wild ride, or just another, I dunno, weekend?

  2. Tiffany

    Hey girl… I can finally leave a comment!  🙂  I hope everything is okay with Hanna on her way!  At least she is losing strength a bit.  But, Ike looks a little different!  Yikes!  Take care and get the trampoline tied down!  🙂
    Hugs – Tiffany

  3. Michelle

    you gotta just love the weather.  If it\’s not a tornado, it\’s a flood or a huricane.  Stay safe!  And think of all the fun games you can play in a dark thunderstorm/huricane.  Such a fun adventure you could have. 
    Keep smiling (just like your clouds – great pic)!!:)

  4. Toni

    You people and all your hurricanes; hope it blows over nice and easy leaving the trampoline intact. It never hurts to prepare, just in case. Don\’t feel like a freak or anything because you bought water and batteries; trust me you\’ll be glad you did if you do end up losing power. But I hope you don\’t. Good luck!

  5. Bill

    We\’re due to just get some wind…a couple of days ago the dotted line for the storm was going right over my house, but now it\’s pushed east….right down to where you live.  Sorry about that!

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