Hard Labor

“If you want to kill time, try working it to death.”  ~Sam Levonson

We’re back up and at ’em this Tuesday morning after Labor Day.  Can’t say it was easy, but everyone got out the door on time. So a big “woohoo” for us.

It was a fairly low key weekend.  But I’d have to say the most eventful part of the weekend was trampoline related.  For weeks, my hubby has been saying, “we really need to get a new trampoline”.  And for weeks, my reply has been, “so stop talking about it already and go DO IT.”  Well, as you may have read in my previous blog, we had a bit of a “tramp incident” last week.  It was the proverbial straw.  On Saturday, my hubby said, “we are going to get a new trampoline today.”  My comment to my hubby was “you will not purchase a new trampoline until the dilapidated one is dismantled and disposed of.”  All I need is TWO trampolines in my tiny backyard.  I said this fully knowing it would never happen, not in one single day, anyway.  I was wrong.  Yes, you read correctly, I was wrong.  I admit it without shame.  I was glad to be wrong.  So, Saturday afternoon, the four of us got out there and dismantled that thing in about 30 minutes.  We then loaded it all in the back of Big Red and proceeded to the dump.  It’s true.  We drove straight from the dump to Sam’s Club where we purchased ourselves a new trampoline.  If Jacob didn’t love it so much, we certainly could have lived without it.  But that boy is out there EVERY day jumping and jumping and jumping.  (Now, I can’t jump like that because I would pee a little with every jump…if you’ve given birth, you will understand why.)  But that kid is a jumping fool.  So hence the need to purchase another.  We drove home with our new purchase and decided to start putting it together right away…after all, we had already been so industrious.  We were on a roll.  Riiiiiight.

The new trampoline and net enclosure both came with written instructions.  In addition there was a DVD to give you further assistance.  You’d think that would make it easier.  No.  I’d like to say that the instructions were in Chinese and that’s what took us so long to put it together, but alas, they were clearly in English.  But that thing took FOR. EVERRRR. to assemble.  We started Saturday evening around 6 PM.  We finished Sunday evening around 7 PM.  Now, we did have some breaks in there for water, food and sleep.  We also went to church on Sunday morning, but STILL.  We probably spent a grand total of 7 hours on it.  We are not morons.  My husband is an engineer.  But it was not easy or fast.  It is, however, DONE.  And the kids have really enjoyed it a lot and I am much more comfortable with this one.

Oh, and yes, the little neighbor kids have already christened it as well.


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2 responses to “Hard Labor

  1. Joell

    LOL @ Toni.  No they didn\’t pee on my trampoline.  But they have been known to stick my water hose down their pants while jumping on my trampoline…not the same though. 

  2. Toni

    By "christening", you mean they…..?

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