Don’t Fence Me In

“The fence that makes good neighbors needs a gate to make good friends.” ~Unknown

We have officially completed the first full week of school.  SHWEW!   Life is back in full swing.  Homework, lessons, and early bed times…for all of us.

Party Pants is back in full swing as well.  That’s Emma’s code name, in case you’ve forgotten.  She is off at a sleepover tonight and so Clyn and I got to spend some time with our not-so-party-pants son.  We played cards and had breakfast for dinner…y’all know how we love that…Top it all off with a couple of episodes of Mythbusters and you’ve got yourself the perfect evening.

It is so disturbing when someone else’s kid gets injured at your home.  Our next door neighbors, sweet people, have 4 little boys, ages 7 and under.  The three older boys (7, 6 and 4 yrs old) often climb our shared fence, walk themselves into my back porch and let themselves in my back door.  We’ve been working on knocking skills with the 4 yr old with little success.  Usually, the older ones have sent him over to see if “Jake” can play.  These children LOVE Jacob.  He’ll go out in the backyard and suddenly you hear this unseen chorus of sweet little boy voices on the other side of the fence, calling…”Jake!  Jake!”  Bless his heart, Jacob will play with them sometimes, but he is 13 after all.  And though he isn’t your typical 13 year old, he doesn’t want to spend all his time entertaining children less than half his age.  Sometimes I have to rescue him from them.  Just this morning, as Jacob sat the kitchen table eating his breakfast, he says, “Mom, guess who is on the trampoline?”  Yes, it was the 4 year old.  Yes, it was 7:45 am.  He was just out there having a good old time.  This afternoon, Jacob and the three older boys were on the trampoline, “the tramp” as the boys call it, and mysteriously, the youngest (age 4) somehow ends up with blood gushing from the side of his head.  I did tell you it was disturbing.  Thankfully, he was not seriously hurt and no dash to the ER was necessary.  But still, I was more than just a little freaked out.  And I felt terrible, but, like I told Jacob, who immediately wanted to blame himself, it was an accident.  And I’m not going to pretend I didn’t see it coming.  These little boys are wide open, and yet so adorable.

It could be time to ban everyone but my own kids from “the tramp”.  At least if my own kids get hurt, I don’t have a potential lawsuit on my hands.


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2 responses to “Don’t Fence Me In

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  2. Toni

    Holy Schnikies! Where the hell are this kid\’s parents?!!! You guys might be good neighbors but sheesh…7:45 in the morning? Put some time limits if not a ban…have fun with that.
    Hope you have a great Labor Day weekend!

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